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NEW VIDEO: Teezee X Efya - Crooked love Story

It's crazy how much I love Teezee from DRB Las Gidi's latest video already.

Being the steady Instagram stalker that I am (I've probably pree'd your profile at one point), I've been anticipating this video since the first of Teezee's teaser posts and it did not disappoint. Not only was it very well shot, (*SPOILER ALERT*) it took A$AP Rocky's Phoenix and gave it a contemporary West African twist you can't help but fall completely in love with.

Arguably one of my favourite tracks off the Fresh Prince of Las Gidi mixtape, Crooked Love Story tells the age-old story of timeworn love. In this case, it seems one partner's rising success ignited a fear of being phased out to set in the other, morphing the  initial "puppy love" into distrust and emotional distance. Director Wale Davies' visual representation does this justice and then some. It's not over the top nor is it painfully low-budget. Efya, who was not part of the actual crooked love story still managed to make an appearance without seeming unnecessary or irrelevant (the usual result of such "ineffectual" roles), oozing African hippie vibes.

They really couldn't have done a better job. The last scene did throw me off a bit, but it was pleasant surprise (not in the morbid sense, but in a "and the plot thickens" kind of way). Random side note: the model, whose name as far as I can tell is Chidi, has amazing eyebrows. I mean, yes, she's completely gorgeous all-round but, speaking as one of the sparsely-browed, her eyebrows are everything.

Check out Crooked Love Story via YouTube below and let me know what you think.


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