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#DestinationUnknown: Festival Playlist

Ciao, bella gente; your resident festivirgin speaking.

Yes, you read that exactly right. I, a self-professed music blogger (OK, OK, I'm more of a chatty Sound Cloud obsessee than a "proper" blogger, but if the shoe fits...) have never been to a festival. That should come as no surprise to those who know I've never even been to a concert. I know, I'm hanging my head in shame.

However, BANK Fashion are hosting a competition with a pair of tickets to not one, not two, but three mystery festivals this summer up for grabs! And not just tickets, but the chance to be a young Lester Bangs for a summer and cover all aspects of these festivals for BANK. If you do the Maths, it is a long shot but I thought I'd give it a go anyway - any excuse to procrastinate, really.

I've put together a playlist that is not at all based on song quality as that would not only be tedious but also way beyond the scope of my musical knowledge. These are just the first few songs that came to mind when I thought about my dream music festival, and I thought it would be nice to share...

My dream line-up right now would be Solange, AlunaGeorge, Drake, Beck, Tom Odell, Bombay Bicycle Club, Ajebutter22 (I've always thought he'd be awesome live), the Black Keys, Lira, Mafikizolo, Pharrell, Will Heard, Femi Kuti, Alt-J, the Stone Roses, MNEK, Arctic Monkeys, London Grammar, Florence & the Machine, Kendrick Lamar, Kwes, Frank Ocean, Kelela, Liquideep and then a boatload of lesser-known indie musicians. It would obviously be my own festival and it would be called Karinafest and span over an entire week with free Ankara merch and a Haribo fountain #NowThatsTheDream.

Anyway, I kind of got carried away as it was originally supposed to be just ten songs. But this would basically be the soundtrack to my tri-festival summer, should I emerge victorious in this quest for an incredible stress/expense-free experience. I imagine it would a brilliant listen to get me pumped up for, say, Sónar? Or Tomorrowland? Those are two of my guesses for the mystery festivals. Wireless is another but that's just wishful thinking; I really wanna go to Wireless. Oh, and Exit - they didn't win 'Best European Festival' for nothing.

Anyway, check out my makeshift playlist* (in the exact order, trust me) below and let me know what you think! For the interested bloggers among you, details to the competition can be found on BANK's blog here. It ends in a couple hours though (last minute, I know) so if you'd like to enter too, better hurry - and best of luck!

* - Apologies for taking the post down for a while, but I had to fix a few glitches with the terrible auto-curated version of the playlist. Hope you enjoy this better than the last!

This photo was taken by me and as such remains my intellectual property. Please see the Disclaimer for my image use policy.


  1. Aww that makes two of us. I've never been to a festival before either. If you lived close to me..we could go together! :)

    xo, N

    1. Aww that would be so awesome! It sucks being the only person I know who's never been. Love your videos btw!


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