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NEW MUSIC: Kelela X Tink X DJ Dahi - Want It

As part of Yours Truly and Adidas OriginalsSongs from Scratch series, Kelela, Tink and DJ Dahi put their collective musical prowess to work, producing this sexy, groovy R'n'B track.

The video below, a documentary of the song's construction, explains it better than I ever could so check it and the actual song out below, and let me know what you think.

This is the first I've heard of them, which pains me because I like to be on top of my underground music/creative initiatives, and I'm already a little obsessed with Yours Truly right now. I would literally love to be able to do what they're doing with my little blog... you know, when I'm not fashioning small-scale truss bridges from cardboard at uni or becoming so engrossed in writing whatever program I'm working on that human interaction becomes a puzzle ("error: expected a semi-colon at the end of the sentence" #EngineeringStudentStruggles). But those dreams will have to wait until I'm not staring down the barrel of the loaded gun that is my examinations (two weeks to go *goes to cry in a corner*).

This Songs from Scratch series is just the bee's knees. Watching people make music is literally one of my favourite things to do - even if I don't get to do it very often. It's exactly the same feeling you get when someone you know gets pregnant. You see them go through all the stages: the excitement, the hormones, people's reactions when they hear there's a baby on the way, the swollen feet, the sore muscles, the pregnancy glow, the expanding waistline, listening to her tummy, feeling the baby kick, the contractions, labour - and then, it's "say hello to little..."

Of course, with music (and with babies if you're just that liberal), your reaction then depends on the song's "cute" factor... because, unfortunately, some songs are just plain ugly. I strongly encourage you guys to check Yours Truly out, if you haven't already; it's good music and brilliant videos redefining music consumerism for the better...

Keep an eye out for more Songs from Scratch from the likes of Danny Brown (bruh-bruh), Shlomo, Jeremih and Chance the Rapper.

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