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NEW MUSIC: Rubee Rayne - Don't Say You Love Me

I know. I know exactly what I said a couple hours ago.

But this song is gold.

It's catchy, it's trippy, it's sexy, it's wavy... DSYLM is just everything, with a strong bass and groovy synths that contrast Rubee's super-sweet vocals to great effect. So of course I had to write at least a little about it. London-based Rubee Rayne's voice is literally a dream, and co-songwriter, Utters' production accompanies it so perfectly, giving the track this amazing symmetry. The futuristic anti-love love song is British Trap music in top form.

Props to the mixing artist, Jamie Snell as well because this is seamless.

Check out Rubee Rayne's Don't Say You Love Me (which is a available to download for free btw) below and let me know what you think.


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