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NEW VIDEO ALERT: Arcade Fire - We Exist

Andrew Garfield in Arcade Fire's 'We Exist' | Ses Rêveries

OMG, guys, how did I miss this? Ugh, everything happens when I've got exams going on! What is wrong with these people? Have they no compassion?

Anyway, moving past the fact that I am hella pizzed right now, this is all kinds of amazing. Spoiler alert but the bae is in drag, y'all! I remember when my sister told me he'd shaved his beautiful head of hair again a couple weeks ago. I was pretty much mortified. Who was this wannabe Kazuo Ishiguro who'd given him yet another reason to shave it all off?

But now I've seen this, not only do I feel mildly better as of course, he still looks perfect (this is turning into a major fan-girl post, I do apologize), I am in stitches. Not at the teaser video below - because it's universally awesome in every single way already; a major anthem inspired by the LGBT community but a pretty adaptable concept for anyone feeling a little different/mistreated/unappreciated/insert-adjective-of-choice-here-because-you-can-probably-spin-it-any-which-way-you-like-tbh.

But seriously, imagine. Just imagine the poor, poor people who actually went to Coachella but had no idea (my) Andrew Garfield was walking among them. In drag. Call me a sadist but I do feel a little better for having missed the entire thing myself; at least I saved a couple bucks missing this epicness.

But for reals, the Reflektor album is pretty damn good - and available to stream on YouTube. But first, check out the teaser video for We Exist via YouTube below and let me know what you think.

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