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NEW VIDEO: Davido X Mafikizolo - Tchelete

So this happened...

It's not amazing, but I like it anyway; I have a soft spot for cross-genre collaborations. Just a few things - Davido needs a sedative, like, stat. I get it: groovy music, chilling with Mafikizolo, sparklers; it's all super exciting stuff - but not that exciting, bruh. Chill.

Nhlanhla was absolutely beautiful as usual and Theo's dancing always makes me laugh, it's so cute.

But the video was, overall, painfully average. And isn't throwing money all over the place a terribly cliched thing to do for a song about living the good life? Seriously, somebody somewhere must have spotted that and gone, "Really, b? Really?"

It's as if the directors, Godfather Productions were trying a little too hard to combine the vibrant kaleidoscope of culture, colours and dance we associate with Mafikizolo and Davido's usual displays of affluence, instead of using this opportunity to do something completely new, not to mention fabulous; a four-minute festival of upbeat African music! I know, I know; it is unfortunate that we live in an age where a lot of ideas that might've seemed cool at first are now over-recycled and consequently, tiring to watch. But that's where new artistes get to claim props! New is always better, especially when it's so hard to get.

Mais c'est juste moi... Check out Tchelete via YouTube below and let me know what you think.


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