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Orange Culture X Pitti Uomo Trade Fair

Orange Culture | Ses Rêveries

Since the brand's inception, Orange Culture's Adebayo Oke-Lawal has been making waves in the international fashion industry with his indubitable eye for detail, and a fun, modern aesthetic that nullifies the safe inside-the-box niche that African menswear has been so unduly confined.

From studying his previous collections upon "discovering" him early last year to waiting with bated breath for the first round of photos from his show at last year's Lagos Fashion Design Week to hit the interweb, I can honestly say I am constantly blown away by Oke-Lawaal's self-taught prowess. Pairing his powerful stand-alone pieces with an idyllic approach to avant-garde African styling, Orange Culture offers an ethnic variation of chic, structured minimalism fringed with edgy modernity, without seeming predictable or exhausted. I will admit that I'm more attuned to his menswear pieces, but his general flair for quality fabric and risk-taking designs appeals to me to no end.

Although Orange Culture is still quite young and not without its growing pains, the primarily self-funded label has received commendation from the likes of Vogue Italia, ELLEBella Naija and Genevieve, and has now been invited, along with a select few from over two thousand applicants, to attend the Pitti Uomo trade fair in Firenze (putting my Italian ab initio to good use) next month. I will spare you my usual over-the-top excitement for the successes of people I've never even met, and just get right down to business because time is of the essence.

In order to ensure Orange Culture makes an appearance at the trade fair, Oke-Lawal himself has implored fans of the OC movement to play Fairy Godmother to his Cinderella and back his Kickstarter project. In the insightful video, he details the story of Orange Culture, shares the brand's success stories and explains why he needs your help to create a brand new collection for the trade fair - with only eleven days and £4000 to go for you to help out now.

The project's details can be found on its Kickstarter page, but please check out watch the campaign video below and support the movement any way you can, be it donating, tweeting, sharing... every little helps.

Photo Credit: Orange Culture

Disclaimer: This post was non-sponsored and unrequested.


  1. Very very cool! I love up and coming designers and entrepreneurs! I will definitely check out their kickstarter!

    xo, N

    1. As do I! I really hope they get the collection together in time; it's such an amazing opportunity! x


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