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Business As Usual: Did You Miss Me?

No, I did not forget the blog's first birthday. What I did forget, however, was to write a post about it.

I basically spent a majority of my time after finishing my exams, planning posts as far ahead as I possibly could (excluding the 'new music/videos' obviously because as much as I'd like to have you believe I have a sixth sense, I can't quite 'see' that far) and working*, so this post which is ideally supposed to get the ball rolling on all the other posts completely escaped me.

I'm not one for extensive self-reflection. There's only one day each year, New Year's to be exact, that I stop to actually look back at the tracks I've left behind me and chuckle at the little pebbles I let myself trip over, pebbles that then seemed like boulders. Birthdays however, are for food and mourning the loss of youth.

I suppose I'm fairly self-aware most of the time anyway but, given the impossible standards I set myself, reflecting on the last three-hundred-and-sixty-five days every single time a 'birthday' rolls around doesn't really offer much appeal to me. I already know I haven't come close to where I need to be or what I should be doing; that many reminders and I just might stop trying altogether.

So it's business as usual with the blog. The hiatus afforded me enough time to come up with a bunch of things I'd like to try for my 'online baby' so I've got to keep my nose to grindstone, as the hustlers say.

As tempting as it is not to revisit such spectacles as Tiwa Savage's Wanted video (lol... no) and Lupe landing the July cover of Vogue USA (it's not the September cover, but boy did she own that shoot), I will not be posting about most - if not all - of the things that went down across the globe in my blogging absence. Leave the past in the past and whatnot... plus that's, like, a lot of writing and I'm, like, way too lazy for that.

Instead I will just tell you a few things to note before the not-so-new new blog truly begins:

  • The blog layout has changed... duh. It's still going through a lot of tweaking as my web development skills still aren't what they should be, but we'll get there.

  • The blog name has also changed. Just call me Captain Obvious. As much as I kinda miss TCD now, I thought I needed something a bit more grown up (a sentiment people like Wizkid and Lil' Wayne might understand... or at least, they should). And in a game of word association, my answer for 'sophistication' or anything of the like would always be 'the French,' so here we are. Ses Rêveries translates to 'Her Musings' - an appropriate summary of the majority of the posts here, but not as frivolous-sounding as it is in English. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that I have a thing for French, so hopefully this isn't coming completely out of the blue for you guys - unless of course you're new here in which case: hey, Newman (PhoneShop reference; a must-watch)!

  • The Contact page has been updated with all my new links, should you wish to follow me or get at me on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Bloglovin' and the like. I'll also be updating previous posts as quickly as I can with all my links as well.

  • I have now fully outlined the blog's Disclaimer as well with all the information you would need should you wish to get in contact for PR/submissions. I've also expanded the categories of submissions I'll be accepting as well - basically, if you're in need of a bit of free publicity for your art/craft, just shoot me an e-mail.

  • All visual art and text submissions are subject to being displayed in the Gallery once it's up and running, just so you know. I'll still credit you and leave the relevant links - just head to the Disclaimer page, haha.

  • Most of the old TCD series like #ThrowbackThursday and LISTEN will be staying. However, you've probably noticed the monthly Style Icons have been discontinued for a while already. I'll be replacing those with weekly Inspiration posts with pictures of people/things inspiring me sartorially instead.

And before I forget, a massive thank you to everyone who's ever stopped by my little corner of the interweb - even if it was by mistake. Special thanks to everyone who's e-mailed me or tweeted me, the peeps in the DMs (*wink-wink* lol) and everyone who's taken the time to leave a comment on here. I wish I could take a picture of my face every time I see the notifications on my phone; some people are now convinced I've got a secret lover somewhere. It's that deep.

So thank you once again, cyber-lovers, for making my year that much better.

A special shoutout to the spambots as well. Thanks for the page views and the comments - particularly the ones about penis enlargement. You know, all my life I had been thinking I was lacking just a bit in that department, so thanks for letting me know I've got options.

That's all from me now on that subject, folks. See you tomorrow. Well, not really, but you get the gist...

Aww, I've missed this.

* - In an attempt to reacquaint myself with society and do something other than chill in front of the TV while the pizza heats up, I joined a handful of school committees in April, and I've got yet another writing gig kinda-sorta under my belt (still on trial until the end of the month), so I've been quite the busy bee and may in fact slack a bit once Septermber rolls around and schoolwork joins the laundry list of things I need to do. Just a head's up... the things we do for the CV  *sigh*.


  1. Whoop!! Glad to see you're back :D

    Mo x

    1. Heehee, it's good to BE back! I was having major withdrawal symptoms lol

  2. I like the way you write! Happy blogiversary in arrears.


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