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DL: The One About Robin Thicke's #Paula

Robin Thicke's Get Her Back | Ses Rêveries

Some of you will be happy to note the Dirty Laundry series is back... with a vengeance.

So... you've probably already seen or at least heard of singer/sexist/stalker (triple threat) Robin Thicke's latest music video, Get Her Back; one of the releases from his album, Paula named after his estranged wife Paula Patton [Just Wright; Precious; Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol]. Now I could be wrong... but I think he might want her back.

But if you haven't seen the video and/or you have no idea why they split, don't "awww" just yet. Here's  quick summary of the current sitch.

Robin Thicke's Get Her Back | Ses Rêveries

Robin Thicke's Get Her Back | Ses Rêveries

It's something, isn't it?

Mind you, the first time I watched this, my laptop's speakers weren't working so I couldn't hear a thing. You can imagine just how quickly my sense of intrigue after clicking 'play' turned to complete and utter horror within the first fifteen seconds.

Question 1: Has Paula Patton filed for a restraining order?

That little nagging voice in my head that gets all hoity-toity in the face of incompleted tasks convinced me to see it through to the end before I moved on to watch it again with the sound on my phone while I debugged my laptop.

In all honesty, I strongly advise that you do not try the muted thing for yourself. The clip at the very end sent chills down my back.

Question 2: I'm being serious, is she safe?

If you ever thought Twilight had romanticized the idea of stalking (make no mistake: having a guy sat by your window watching you sleep is not cute; it is not sweet; it is not comforting; it is creepy; it is stalking; it needs to be reported), this Robin Thicke will make that seem like child's play.

Bloodied and brooding, he uses pining cheddar-filled lyrics that make me want to rip my ears off, and what could (and just as easily could not) be real texts between him and Paula - that she's hopefully given her permission for him to use if they are - to further monetize his fairly antisocial behaviour. I mean, that pause in the middle after he says "but it doesn't have to be"?


That line gave off some serious pseudo-psychotic vibes. My imagination is admittedly quite hyperbolic, but I can't be the only one who felt like that was something an emotionally-suppressed stalker-turned-killer-turned-necrophiliac straight out of CSI would say.

The entire album is either a (very) public apology for his serial cheating or an unfair use of his fame and the media to coerce her into getting back together with him; depends on how you look at it. I for one, am a self-professed cynic so this is emotional manipulation at its finest as far as I'm concerned. Just imagine how mortified Paula must feel - assuming she's not in on and therefore OK with this - and how some people may now think her heartless for not taking him back after this, should she decide that is what is best for her and their son. Of course, it is important to remember that although forgiveness is divine, that does not always translate to "take [him] back."

Question 3: So, Robin, you're telling me that at no point did begging your wife to come back to you while models feel you up seem like a really bad idea to you?

Now as much as I have no business contributing to the commentary on these people's relationship as a complete outsider, I do have just as much right as he does releasing a video that basically promotes a serious misdemeanour (or felony), to highlight the fact that unless Thicke is intentionally trying to ruin his career, he might want to consider counselling to get over this dated sexism fad he's got going on.

He clearly didn't get the message following the backlash Blurred Lines received, and is probably equally as unaware of the consent issue surrounding a few infamous YouTubers. But, as much as Hollywood has warped our perception of the totally non-blurred line between "the chase" and coercion, in situations such as this, persistence is not the best move. And with regards to his general relationship with and view of womankind: no does in fact mean no.

For anyone else who's still a little hazy, why not check out the Consent music video from two of my favourite YouTubers, Jack and Dean?

As always, feel free to share your thoughts below.

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