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#ThrowbackThursday: Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove

Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove | Ses Rêveries

Imagine chilling at the mall, making the rounds and then this song comes on...

Topshop is the store whose tunes are usually most likely to get me shuffling around between racks like an awful Michael Jackson tribute act, but this time my self-induced public humiliation was in a crazy-packed supermarket a few weekends ago when everyone was trying to get their grocery shopping done.

So, there I am, inspecting the satsumas on sale when the we can boogie down / down, on, on down (or whatever it is) comes on and that, mes amis, is when civilization lost me for a good five minutes. See, there are no reservations when it comes to EWF. In the words of Chromeo's Dave 1 (aka the love of my life), you can't have a bunch of guys in Afros tell you to groove and not groove. You just can't.

First time I remember hearing this? It was either on a very long drive with my dad and his old CDs and cassettes, or one of my mum's Sunday sing-along favourites. I do have a faint memory of making up whack-as-hell routines with my little brother and my broomstick-turned-microphone to make Sanitation Day* a bit more fun as well though so it could be anything from twelve to sixteen years ago (fuuudge, I am old).

But enough reminiscing; check out EWF's Let's Groove below or boogie on down to YouTube if the embedded version doesn't work.

* - For those who don't know, Sanitation Day was a monthly "day off" back in Nigeria - the last Saturday of every month, if I remember correctly - set aside by the government to combat Nigeria's environmental issues. I have no idea if they still do it now though... doubt it.

Photo Credit: Shusei Nagaoka (I think)

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