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NEW MUSIC: Burna Boy - Don Gorgon

Burna Boy - Don Gorgon | Ses Rêveries

What is it with people with money and wild cats? Is the proximity to ferocious albeit gorgeous quadrupeds meant to symbolize something? Fearlessness? Indomitability? Suicidal tendencies?

Afro-dancehall superstar, Burna Boy is back with his new single, Don Gorgon and a fairly exciting video teaser. Why is it exciting, I hear no one ask? Yes it looks like an insanely awesome cross between Pound the Alarm and Luhrman's the Great Gatsby, but moreover: it has an hot-air balloon. You can never go wrong with a hot-air balloon... unless of course, you set it on fire.

Seriously though, there is a certain pizzazz to it that has me intrigued. I just hope this isn't a snippet of all the best bits because then, it's not a teaser anymore; it's just the highlights. The song itself is extremely catchy though - I've had it on repeat since it popped up on my Sound Cloud stream, and not just because the hook induces spasms a la Pink Friday's Minaj when I sing along. For the less informed, a 'don gorgon' is a high-class 'shotta' - a highly-respected person, a boss, a don etc - with dreadlocks, usually... well, that's all I gathered from my Caribbean peeps.

It's Burna Boy's usual sound: commercial wavy synths, sensually gritty lyrics, that voice and his groovy-yet-untraceable Caribbean Islands flair. "Untraceable" because I personally still haven't been able to figure out how he got it. All I've gathered is that he's from Port Harcourt, as my brother knows a few people who went to school with him and have rather interesting stories I won't do him the displeasure of disclosing. But I shall save the patois question for the day I meet him (see: sneak past security at whichever show of his I happen to find myself at, with a fake-ass press pass and crazy eyes).

I still don't know who produced this little gem, but I'll update this if and when I do. Let me know what you think of Don Gorgon, and the teaser video courtesy of Godfather Productions, below.

Photo credit: Godfather Productions

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