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NEW MUSIC: J Dilla - Filth

J Dilla's The King of Beats | Ses Rêveries

Hip Hop fans will be more than pleased with Filth, one of the first releases from J Dilla's posthumous The King of Beats album, I believe.

As with all posthumous singles on here, I will not be "reviewing" Filth at all for fairly obvious reasons (and no, it's not because it's J Dilla and therefore above reproach... even though it is J Dilla and therefore above reproach lol).

I will however, leave you with this: as you probably know, this summer Jay Dee's mum, Ma Dukes will be releasing The King of Beats, a Collector's Edition album in a wooden/chrome box designed to look like the classic E-Mu SP-1200 drum machine Jay Dee used to produce beats for the likes of A Tribe Called Quest and the Pharcyde. The special box set will include four vinyl LPs (standard) with track's from Jay Dee's Batches collection, a cassette (oh, yes) with five previously unreleased tracks, and a three and half-inch floppy (YUP!) with one previously unreleased beat. The set, curated by his mother, will contain a total of forty exclusive unreleased tracks from Jay Dee's iconic backlogs.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Ma Dukes' explained her intentions behind this particular posthumous collection, in comparison with other posthumous offerings from the past year i.e. The Diary, Lost Scrolls Vol. 1 and Diamond & Ice:

"This project came about by a lot of soul searching and meditation as to what can I do now that my son has so many bootleg projects out by unknown artists. Now that I’m out of mourning and full of insight and feeling my son’s energy radiate around me, I wanted to do something different but iconic. Something that people would preserve and relish for a lifetime that spoke quality."

The album will be available to pre-order from tomorrow, 24 June but shipping will start 26 August. In the meantime, you can stream Filth below via Sound Cloud and let me know what you think.

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