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NEW MUSIC: Mick Jenkins X Supa Bwe - Treat Me

Mick Jenkins X Super Bwe - Treat Me | Ses Rêveries

We need more music like this.

See, it's all too easy for comparatively fortunate outsiders to think topical songs of the racial variety like this are clichéd and over done - we're all so used to the lack of change that we become jaded, indifferent - we forget. And that is exactly why we need more music like this.

Treat Me is an explicit, fairly-disturbing but all-too-important reminder; not just of the racial inequality in the United States, but across the globe. A depressing memo about the racial disparities that just won't go away. As far as we have come, not just as individuals, organizations, communities or nations, but as a single species: we "co"-exist but not equally.

Chicago natives, Mick Jenkins and Supa Bwe team up over fittingly empowering production featuring compelling synths and banging 808s by Supa Bwe and Mulatto Beats that command the same reverence as a national anthem, and an essence of suspense - the same suspense you feel just before they come at you with pent-up rage and thought-provoking lyrics. From education and healthcare to Obama and the judicial system, Mick and Bwe spare nothing and no one with this hard-hitting track, promoting equality the way it ought to be done - out loud and in your face. 

Treat Me comes off the already-impressive Hurt Everybody EP due to be released July 4. I'm not sure when Mick Jenkins' The Water[s] will be out but I'll be waiting with bated breath regardless because I know, without a doubt, it is worth it.

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