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NEW MUSIC: Mikael Angelo - Gorillas

Mikael Angelo - Gorillas | Ses Rêveries

From the production to his vocal delivery, I'm thoroughly impressed with the first track off Maryland native Mikael Angelo's EP, Spirit Animal.

Aptly titled Gorillas, Angelo uses the species' tendency to form packs to illustrate his own take on the "no new friends"/"ain't nobody messing with my clique" wave. While I was already sold with the retro intro, his intelligent lyrics, insightful storytelling and the seamless flow were the major selling points. Produced by Baltimore-native Millz Douglas with additional vocals from TFR Royal, the track features wavy synths, bouncy 808's and a catchy hook I'm still humming right now, proving that less really is more.

I haven't been much of a 'clique' person since middle school myself; I prefer to float rather easily from one group to the other, whilst still being able to do my own thing when I need to - blame whoever told me I couldn't eat my cake and have it too. But if you are lucky enough to have your own 'crew', consider your new anthem found.

Like Gorillas, each track on the Spirit Animal EP will be fundamentally inspired by a specific animal. Original and intriguing, I'm expecting some excitingly odd choices but, if I'm honest, I'll be just as pleased if they're all as good as this. Check out Gorillas via Sound Cloud and let me know what you think.

Photo credit: DevantNY // Submission via e-mail

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