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NEW MUSIC: Nanya - If I Were A Boy [Cover]

Nanya - If I Were A Boy (Pidgin Cover) | Ses Rêveries

Here's another remix of Beyoncé's If I Were A Boy... six years later.

That last line was misleading; I actually quite like this! I'm not even remotely familiar with Jessica Ijeh Chifumnanya, who goes by the stage name Nanya (and is undoubtedly Southern so I like her by default), but her If I Were A Boy cover has definitely peaked my interest.

Hilarious but just as compelling as the original, she lets us know what's up with that range of hers. Honestly speaking, her voice is amazing. Only a little rough around the edges, she's got quite the vocal control and an admirable power behind it. D'Banj won't spot this young woman though (yes, I'm still salty about Sugar Rush; sue me).

This song supposedly comes off a project she's working on called Uncovered which will ironically consist of covers from international female acts in Pidgin English. While Pidgin covers are nothing new, this is definitely the best I've heard so I'm a teensy bit excited for this. And I know this is probably just to get her face out there and stuff as a new act, but hopefully the next few releases have cover art that are a bit more... thought-out. What I would have done is put a Nigerian spin on the original songs' artwork, making it an audio/visual cover album - complete with parody music videos (and although I may not be entirely clear on intellectual property laws, please note: this ain't no suggestions box... but she's welcome to pay me for contributing *wink-wink*).

Check out Nanya's If I Were A Boy via Hulkshare and let me know what you think.

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