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NEW MUSIC: Ozone X BOJ - Look Twice

Ozone X BOJ - Look Twice | Ses Rêveries

It is a sad day, a sad day indeed. Can we all bow our heads in mourning for the first song I do not like that has BOJ's name on it?

I'm actually distraught right now. I've never heard of Ozone (honestly, I leave the music world for a few weeks and all sorts just start creeping out of the woodwork) so he has no reputation to taint for me. Although he's not starting on a high note with this one, he sounds a little bit like Ejay whom I love, and I gather he's from my beloved city, Port Harcourt so, at the very least, he's on my radar now.

But BOJ though... I have no words. I really hate bashing other people's work - especially people I like - because they've (hopefully) put in a lot of work and, if they've shared it with the public, then they must think it is the actual bomb(dot)com and thus really proud of it. But this...

I'm not even sure I understand the song to begin with, which is never a good sign. There appears to be some kind of stoner music vibe going on but then they're talking about traffic (if it's a metaphor, it's flown so far above my head)... and about people (not) liking them? And then there are the inaudible bits in the hook. I can't even tell if it's Yoruba or English, it all just sounds like gibberish to me and that really doesn't help matters. And for a four-minute track, it goes by extremely quickly because you're so busy trying to understand what's happening.

So, as much as it pains me to say, I basically don't think this song is any good. Or perhaps it's just so good, it's beyond my lowbrow comprehension?

Please give Ozone's Look Twice a listen via Sound Cloud below and let me know if you like it or not - and if so, would you mind sharing why? I'm desperate to give this another chance.

Perhaps this is just a bad copy...?

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