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NEW MUSIC: The Cambodian Space Project - Here Comes the Rain

The Cambodian Space Project - Here Comes the Rain | Ses Rêveries

Quite possibly my coolest find of the day: think quirky Southeast Asian garage rock 'n' roll... in space.

After having only just acquainted myself with Khmer pop this week (I know... and there are so many more genres that have only just come to my lowbrow attention - I feel like such a mainstream junkie smh), I stumbled upon the Cambodian Space Project.

The collective is made of Tasmanian writer and performer Julien Poulson and Cambodian singer-songwriter Srey Thy (you just have to read her story on CNN) who met in 2009, and were later joined by the multi-talented Tasmanian Scott Bywater and Cambodian drummer Bong Sak. Never being able to study History at school has been the bane of my existence - all I've come to know, I learned from conversations and eavesdropping, random internet searches, TV/film and music - so their biography page was quite the eye-opener on the Khmer Rouge. I've been busy with the Wikipedia pages all afternoon (there was a salt shaker nearby, don't worry).

Here Comes The Rains features upbeat sixties garage rock instrumentals with a traditional edge, and some intriguing Khmer wailing from Thy that just adds a disco/blues vibe to the white-hot mix. These guys must be amazing live. I can see it now: a gritty club packed to the max; a sea of colourful hipsters; knee-highs, shift dresses, leather jackets and sweat; searing eyes from the cigarette smoke; sore feet from all the dancing - but none of that stops you from getting, for lack of a more illustrative term, turnt tf up. This song would also not sound out of place in an interstitial scene from an indie neo-noir movie, the one I have in mind being a driving scene in one of those three-wheeler taxi cab things on a dusty road in a Southeast Asian countryside town... It's random, but that's what I have in my head right now and it works. Hell, I'd write and direct an entire short film around this song if I could. Their music is Tarantino meets Saint Laurent, and I'm officially obsessed.

I won't ruin it any more for you, just check it out via Sound Cloud and let me know what you think... I wonder what the robotics industry is like in Cambodia - because I'm moving there after graduation, peeps!

Here Comes The Rain is off the collective's album Whiskey Cambodia which will be released via Metal Postcard Records on July 14.

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