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LISTEN: Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block

Let's be completely honest with ourselves, who didn't love early 2K J.Lo?

If your answer is "me", then I feel very sorry for you because you, mon ami, have missed out. I don't listen to a lot of her music anymore, but back in the day I used to think she was the best thing since sliced bread. I'd risk looking like I was being Tasered repeatedly just to keep up with her in her videos. I shipped all her relationships - her and Ben Affleck mostly, never Marc Anthony though. Actually... I'm pretty sure it was when they got together that I fell off the fan-wagon... no idea why.

Ah, well.

Jenny From The Block was my jam of all jams. 'Turnt up' wasn't a thing back then (at least not anywhere I lived) but that was exactly what I was when this song came on. And I'm sure you can imagine just how adorable seven-year-old me getting turnt up would be (jokes, it was just messy).

This track was (rather embarrassingly) off one of the first "albums" I actually remember my mum buying and raping the hell out of; this and Tupac's 2Pacalypse Now, which scared the crap out of me for the dumbest reason, but I'll share that in next week's #TBT.

But no, the JFTB I had wasn't the actual album; it was a maybe-not-so-legal compilation of some of her best music videos on a VCD we bought in Nigeria which cost us the equivalent of a pound. In my defence, I had no clue what piracy was at the time; I just knew it didn't look legit lol. But that CD had everything from I'm Glad (no idea why, but I hated this one) to Get Right (jaaaammmm!) and we played them over and over, learning the lyrics and the choreography...

Don't judge me, there wasn't much else to do in Nigeria that I was aware of at the time. One day, I will share my stories... But I'm just not ready to relive it yet... I mean, we didn't even have a cinema then, guys #IKidYouNot #TheStruggleWasTooReal #StartedFromTheBottom #OnlyWentToTheMoviesOnHolidays #NowWeStrollingInNOutOnTheRegs #ThisLifeIsJustAPotOfBeans #RatchetLevelsOneHunnidRightNow #LowkeyAgbero...

Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up: for those who know what it is, mo be o*, I am not an "Agbero/area girl". Please do not reduce my bride price for me. For all you know, my future bae could be sat right next to you. You'll know it's him because he'll have this Elba/Hemsworth/Cumberbatch thing going on. So I beg of you, don't ruin this for me.

But back to the video, which was released circa Benniffer #RelationshipGoalsBTW #MineWontBeEndingTho. I wanted to be Latina so bad thanks to this - but, like, still black because my features would just not go with lighter skin, and I didn't want to have to trade my parents in either because I'd kinda gotten used to them (an indicator as to just how much thought I'd put into being J. Lo). The baker boy hat made many an appearance on my Christmas lists to Santa, who sadly never came through - thank God as well, because I can tell you now, I would've looked like an absolute twat.

And if you've ever wondered why I've shortened my surname to 'So.' here on the blog, well: J. Lo... K. So... OK, there are other reasons which I discussed in my very first post but still, that was the general idea. And now, you know.

But as I said, I don't follow up on her as much anymore. Being a "fan" is so mainstream *hair-flip*.

Anywho, I know this is a "listen" post but the video just has to be seen for you to fully appreciate the awesomeness. And if you must dance along, don't forget: it's all about the attitude. Pants are optional as well.

*Mo be o - Yoruba for "I beg you"... according to Google Translate lol. But how ratchet was this post though? See, you can take the girl out of Nigeria, but you can't take Nigeria out of the girl... Don't be fooled by the - nope. Just no.

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