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LISTEN: Zule Zoo - Kerewa

Zule Zoo - Kerewa | Ses Rêveries

Words cannot express how much this song means to me.

I couldn't have been older than ten when this song first graced my ears with its sweet, sweet sound. They just don't make 'em like this anymore, I tell you.

I only figured out what the song was actually about a couple years ago though (shame on you, Zule Zoo, for the innuendo fest sung by children the world over... it was actually banned, wasn't it? Excuse me while I laugh at the existence of an actual body in Nigeria that feels it has the power to ban anything in that country successfully; bare jokes) but still, it pops into my head every now and then like a "tumor" on memory - and I get my 'kerewa' dance on, accordingly.

We didn't do it like they did in the video where I lived though; that looks a hell of a lot like twerking. Our 'kerewa' involved the same stance but with spastic legs like you were a shivering cartoon character... and yes, we did look as stupid as you're probably imagining. I can't dance to save my life either, so it was doubly horrificin my case. But it was [in my Miranda Hart voice] such fun.*

This little trip down memory lane begs the question, where are they now? I swear they were working on another album together after "going solo" for a while; what happened to that?

Check out the original Kerewa i.e. not the Jaycee/Shetta ones via Sound Cloud and let me know what you think. I embedded the video as well, so you can see the banned video (like I said, jokes) for yourself. Extra brownie points if you actually make to the end in one piece... #GrammyWorthyOrNah

* - Don't worry if you didn't find that clip funny, I think Miranda might be a "British" thing... a little like Vicky Pollard. Actually no, everyone loves Vicky Pollard! Yeah... But no, but yeah... but no.

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  1. Jam of liiife!! Didn't even know the artists let alone what the song was even about. It's a shame...*still hum's beat of song throughout entire lunch break* lol

  2. Lool you didn't even know! But true that, I'll still be jamming to this for ages - eternal banger!


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