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NEW MUSIC: LSDXOXO X Cakes Da Killa - Bind That B*tch | w h o r e c o r e

LSDXOXO X Cakes D Killa - Bind That B*tch | Ses Rêveries

Bwoooooyyyyyy! This song goes hard, simple as.

After discovering Cakes Da Killa a little while back in a random Recommended playlist and spotting LSDXOXO's name again not long after on Don Christian's Liu Kang, I fleeted over to LSDXOXO's Sound Cloud and it's been love at first sound ever since. As a new fan, I didn't know to expect the w h o r e c o r e mixtape, but it's been a go-to these past few days whenever I found myself back on Sound Cloud with no new track on my stream.

It goes exactly as one would infer from the title, featuring a track unsurprisingly inspired by Rihanna, a cult favourite in the underground mixing world. On IndustrySexxxxxSlave, LSDXOXO gives a saucy line from Riri's Cockiness some wavy new life featuring catchy 808's, chanting samples and synths. Other samples include Drake's The Language on Maenad + Heathens, Wale and Tiara Thomas' Bad on I s s u e s, a few lines from The Craft (I'm not 100% sure about this actually but one of the voices reminded me of Robin Tunney's character, Sarah when she **SPOILER ALERT** wanted to bind Fairuza Balk's Nancy's powers) in the extended V X X D X X P V S S Y, and that vine from international hip hop sensation Bryan Silva in G r A t a T a. Florida native, Big Momma went insane on Linda Blair with his apt lyrical flair over the crazy-graphic electronic production from LSDXOXO. *SadEmoji* was another endearing stand-out.

But Bind That B*tch is somehow still my fave - but a small margin though. Cakes Da Killer was unbelievably good, and the two of them work so well! Cardio is another example of the pure awesomeness that results from their collaboration.

w h o r e c o r e is unabashedly explicit; raunchy, aggressive, a little twisted, highly affecting (your emotions are basically LSDXOXO's play things) but brilliantly executed. As his name suggests, it's trippyyyy. Check it out below and let me know what you think.

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