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NEW MUSIC: Azekel - Holy Matrimony

Azekel - Holy Matrimony | Ses Rêveries

I'd like to introduce you all to a secret treasure of mine.

Well, I say "secret" but Azekel has been making the rounds with his Circa EP for quite some time now, and to his merit, he deserves every single ounce of praise. While he's yet to release a track that hasn't literally stopped me in my tracks, New Romance is still my absolute favourite. It is just brilliant, any which way you slice it.

Written, produced, performed and mixed by the Londoner I've now christened my English Boots (yes, "my"), Holy Matrimony harbours his signature electronic R&B sound. His beautiful voice toys with you as he switches in and out of that precious falsetto. The production: I would liken it to the audio version of walking through a sophisticated yet uncomplicated kaleidoscope. Gentle guitar riffs and floating synths that keep in line with his general fluid aesthetic; the drum beat that keeps tempo; and his signature static and electronic voice modulation for that spacey effect.

In a word: bewildering. As usual. Check out Holy Matrimony via Sound Cloud below and let me know what you think.

Holy Matrimony and New Romance are available to pre-order on iTunes, with their official release slated for July 14th.

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