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NEW MUSIC: HAIM X A$AP Ferg - My Song 5

HAIM X A$AP Ferg - My Song 5 | Ses Rêveries

"Hmmm... I don't... mmm... OK, but like... I don't know."

Yet another song that was sat quite comfortably on the "I dig this"/"what is this f*ckery" fence at one point in it's lifetime. A$AP Ferg has been on a crazy-good streak features-wise, and I love the idea of this song. The production was fantastic - by far, the highlight of the entire song. And although I did think they were a tad overexposed last year (Kingsley reference for those who don't know... he's mine, btw), I like HAIM, I like their sound.

But the first listen was a struggle, I won't lie - the first minute, especially. Then, slowly but surely it got better - emphasis on the use of the comparative... And that's saying something coming from someone with no distinct musical preference. I know the archives make it look like its Afrobeats and Hip Hop all day, err'day over here - but I'm pretty good with everything that isn't Screamo or the quattro formaggi kind of R'n'B (really cheesy, basically) that Chris Brown and Usher like to throw out there in between the dance numbers. And still, I found myself needing to acclimate to this the same way I had to with white wine.

But by the third listen, it sounded pretty cool actually; nothing phenomenal but still a fun, fresher take on the rock-meets-hip-hop schtick. Fergy-Ferg was still in my good books and all was right with the world! I think they definitely need a video though, to help win over the rest of skeptics. Nothing over the top, but it would definitely help matters.

Check My Song 5 out via Sound Cloud below and let me know what you think.

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