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NEW MUSIC: Maleek Berry X Chris Brown X Tyga - Loyal [Remix]

Maleek Berry X Chris Brown X Tyga - Loyal [Remix] | Ses Rêveries

I like Maleek Berry. I do. But not this.

Who knows? Perhaps there is more to him than just producing. Perhaps he can tear a house down with his voice. Perhaps his vocal chords were fashioned by the gods. But if so, this song right here just does not do it justice.

It always felt like a cop-out when the judges on American Idol sent people home at the auditions because they just didn't choose the right song - but song choice really is everything. And this just wasn't the right one.

It started off quite well. I'm not even saying this is bad. It's not amaaayyyzing, but it's not horrible either. The new lyrics were pretty well thought-out as well. But too often, I felt auto-tune was used to polish off the edges, which probably could have been fixed with a bit more studio time. I mean, no song needs to be released. For instance, some producers have hundreds of beats on their HDs, each one quite possibly amazing but currently purposeless. Maleek isn't even known for his singing so this was completely unsolicited.

But if having us listen to this track was what he wanted, that is completely fair. By all means, branch out; grace us with your many, many talents. All I'm saying is, as a 'debut' of sorts, he should've gone that extra mile to ensure it was as close to perfect as possible - as every artist should - like he does with his beats. No point releasing something average just to fill in the cracks. You'll be doing your career and your craft a disservice.

Those are the biggest problems I have with this and, as irrational as they might seem, they've unfortunately tainted the whole thing for me.

I liked it on Sound Cloud anyway though. Because I like him. People fall off, it happens. But I know he can do better, so I will continue to refuse to settle for anything less from him. Some may call it pressure, I call it faith.

Check Maleek Berry's Loyal [Remix] out via Sound Cloud below, and let me know what you guys think.

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