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NEW MUSIC: Ozone X Wizkid - Mercy | Superiority Complex

Ozone X Wizkid - Mercy + Superiority Complex | Ses Rêveries

The last time I felt such a huge wave of relief as I did when I finally pressed play on this song, there were guns involved.

Why so much grief?

See, after Ozone's last single tainted the crazy run my dearest BOJ was on not too long ago, I grew skeptical of the young man. This was not the best way to get on my radar. So when I saw that he had gone so far as to feature the ultimate Afrobeats bae, Wizkid, I went to a bad place. I simply refused to listen to it for a good week and a bit. This was a personal shot, as far as I was concerned. The entire Superiority Complex mixtape was blacklisted as punishment.

It didn't matter than none of these people knew who I was - not that it ever does. Fact is, I wasn't going to listen the mixtape nor was I going to "promote" it on my blog, good or bad, as I was convinced he'd dragged Wizkid's name through the mud as well. This was my way of giving him (insignificant) evil eyes.

Two and a half thousand plays and over fifty reposts later, one of which made it onto my stream, I decided it might be worth checking out the "review" on Not Just OK (that's not me throwing shade btw... however). I read through the comments section and went ahead to play the track based on a small sample of the general Nigerian audience's recommendations. Personally, this is never a good idea, but Wizkid was involved so I was prepared to take any and all kinds of risks... but the stance still remains, I am not a "fan." No, no, I'm a groupie-in-waiting.

I know I've said this before but Ozone sounds a hell of a lot like Ejay, but not so much that it's annoying. He doesn't have the same grasp on the use of doublespeak and enigmatic metaphors - Ozone's style is neither better nor worse; but that difference definitely helps tip the odds in his favour. How so? Well, there's just nothing worse than sounding so much like an established artist that you end up seeming like a copycat act. Why serial killers think that's a good idea is beyond me... not that I'm encouraging murder or anything.

Moving on... His delivery was pretty darn good, the flow was a bit choppy at some points but overall, I was pleased. Wizkid was standard as usj (the auto-tune though [sigh]). Can we have a round of applause for Leriq though? That guy needs a paid vacation asap rocky because I'm pretty sure he produced the entire thing.

The tape itself was actually impressive - save for the BOJ sub-blunder but I have decided to let that one slide. Also, it's worth mentioning that Ozone is an artist who clearly understands the importance of fitting, compelling cover art; it's humorous. it's appropriate and it gives a sense of what the tape and the artist is all about. Be sure to forward this as a memo to all other up-and-comers out there: please, no more selfies and/or horribly amateurish graphic design.

As it is a mixtape and not an album, I'll give Superiority Complex a solid 6.8 out of 10 (that skit though... I was cringing so much for that poor girl) .Of course, I'm not going to review the whole thing because... laziness, so I'll let you guys check it out yourselves via Sound Cloud; feel free to share your thoughts with me.

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