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NEW MUSIC: Parker Ighile X G-Eazy - This Is America

Parker Ighile X G-Eazy - This Is America | Ses Rêveries

Free download, guys... The Bae made it free... Perhaps it's the heat but my heart is melting right now.

Parker Ighile, the British-Nigerian singer-songwriter, first burst onto my radar when I learned he produced Oopsy Daisy in '09 and again two years ago when he signed to Minaj's Pink Friday Records label. He went behind the scenes for a while with about three releases after So Beautiful, but he's back again - and I'm ecstatic. He takes on triple-duty again, producing, writing and performing this magically haunting number to celebrate the 4th of July with a few killer verses from G-Eazy, who's been having a way better year than most with his These Things Happen album debuting at #3.

This Is America is amazing. Ighile's voice is sensational. The poignant production is a dream. G-Eazy was brilliant. You daren't disagree with me. In fact, I dare you: disagree, just try. I shall go STAN on your ass and defend this song, Parker and G-Eazy, the whole damn country as if they were all my own... ah, yes, the country. That would be the only part where this song kinda-sorta falls short.

Ighile, darlin',
Stop ridin',
I'm calling you up now because I like it
Didn't hear a track October 1 last year tho'

And let's not forget the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. I'm Scottish but still, I helped tidy up the hall and hang up the bunting at the dance my school organized. What about us, bruh? Why won't you love us? (...are we on our worst behaviour? Aha!)

Well, I say that, but I've been unduly reppin' the US of A since I was seven, and have now adopted this as the theme song to my summer, so perhaps I'd better leave the berating to others.

Moving swiftly on, This Is America will be coming off Ighile's Young, Dumb & 21 mixtape that we've (maybe not so) patiently been waiting on for about a year now - but he's been busy helping out other artists like Ariana Grande and Angel, bless his soul. I'm definitely still excited about it though. Fingers crossed it's free as well.

Check out This Is America via Sound Cloud and let me know what you think.

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