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NEW MUSIC: The Weeknd - King Of The Fall

The Weeknd - King of the Fall | Ses Rêveries

Fourteen hours of the Sims 3 straight; I was in dire need of some Abel Tesfaye magic... but he did not deliver.

The first half was alright. It was cheeky, it was engaging, it was The Weeknd. Not even close to his older hits, but still a sufficient reminder. But somewhere in the third minute, something happened. And then in the fourth minute, it completed the transition from tongue-in-cheek to w... t... f. We all know this is his "thing," but this was just trashy.

It's a personal preference thing (it's worth reading the comments on Sound Cloud; the thirst is real). Like many, I prefer the allure of a good metaphor. Yes, he will probably be saying the exact same thing, but the efforts made to think of a tactful, more artistic way of expressing oneself will speak more volumes than the actual context in my book, and will therefore be less likely to cause this face (ya nasty). All I hear during the second half is "I get all the girls; me, me, meeeeee!" to be honest; like a horny, "grown" man's rendition of a toddler's tantrum. I don't know what ladies he's going on about, but this is a major turn-off in every sense. This warrants at least three points on his 'like licence.' Nine more points, and I will have to rescind my voluntary aural patronage.

Moving on, the King of the Fall (bit early, but alright) just might be hinting at something with Sky Ferreira being in the works with the cover art. But if it's going to sound like this, dare I say it - of course I will - average track I will not be best pleased.

Check out The Weeknd's King of the Fall via Sound Cloud and let me know what you think.

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  1. 14 hours? You are slacking these days girl! :P

  2. Oooh, how did I miss this? Haha! Chill, I was gearing up for the twenty-four hour marathon last Thursday


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