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NEW MUSIC: Young Jeezy X Jay Z - Seen It All

Young Jeezy X Jay Z - Seen It All | Ses Rêveries

This is why I hate reading other music blogs [sigh].
I was led to believe Young Jeezy was going to "take over everything" with this track. But while I'm definitely not disappointed, I'm not blown away either. Now I'm wondering if I've ever over-sold a song on here. But I've never claimed to be good at this, nor will I ever claim to be the "number one destination for all your blah-blah-blah," so I think I can probably get away with it if I have.

Gearing up for his fifth studio album's release, Jeezy announced the release date for the album and released the titular track with a non-surprising collaboration to get fans revved up. Former Taylor Gang member, Cardo produces a fitting wistful track that wouldn't sound out of place on Pusha T's My Name Is My Name. There seems to be a "back to the streets" trend going on these days as Jay and Jeezy reminisce about their life before fame, a pseudo-patronizing warning to younger rappers (*cough-cough* Drake *cough-cough*) if you ask me.

According to Cardo, Seen It All was originally supposed to be on Jigga's 2013 album, Magna Carta; I for one, am glad they took it out though. Check out Seen It All via Audio Mack (it was originally via Zippyshare, but I manged to find it on AM because I am not about that struggle life) and let me know what you think.

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