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NEW VIDEO: 4x4 X Davido - Baby Dance

4X4 ft Davido - Baby Dance | Ses Rêveries

Why "4x4"? There's only three of them as far as I can tell... or do they only do tracks with one featured artiste so there's four of them all the time? Because that would be quite clever, I reckon. Otherwise, yeah, I don't get it and Google is not forthcoming.

Nigeria and Ghana are such mean girls. We exchange students, appropriate each other's slang and dances, collaborate on song after song (after song after song) - we're basically Siamese twins. But what about Togo and Benin? They're right there.

Anywayyy, the most recent Ghigerian collaboration is Ghana's 4x4 and Nigeria's Davido. The video was... I really don't like using the word I want to use, so I will simply say it lacked appropriate vision, technique or direction. I bet there's a reason it says "directed by Clarence Peters" at the end; not many people will make it there to see it.

Perhaps I just didn't grasp the average, and rather exhausted concept of the song properly, but nothing about this video made any kind of sense to me. But it was more like (mildly patronizing) exasperation than frustration. Videos like this that make me a bit defensive though, because it feels like the creators are literally insulting the intelligence of their audience by releasing such videos. Yes, sometimes it is enough to just make catchy albeit shallow music (hey, Wizkid) but when it is this obvious, it's just plain irritating. If you can't do better, at least do us the courtesy of creating a spectacular visual distraction. Or you know, stop making bulls**t.

Before I leave you to decide whether you're going to give the video a chance, I'll point out a few things I really didn't like. I detest the elevated angular shots in music videos. It's such a high school Media student-grade technique. I've grown incredibly weary of seeing them in what should be professional works of art, especially after decades of seeing it used by many a sleazy director on Channel O to give us an unnecessary view of the female form.

The mannequins did not make sense. There was no metaphor, no symbolism - or if there was, it's most likely sexist and degrading, likening women to inanimate objects. I'm not taking shots at anyone though, but I personally do not think they're up to approaching a social issue of that magnitude with such infuriating nonchalance - at least not intentionally. No, it felt more like someone just thought, "oh, we're filming in a room with clothes rails and a mannequin" [also an irrelevant concept btw] "let's throw another one in a wheelbarrow in another scene so it all 'ties together'." It didn't.

I will not comment on the ladies wearing the belts as top any further than stating that although many French sartorialists encourage us to find different uses for different items in our wardrobe - button-up dresses as jackets, hoodies as skirts (or a swoodie even), scarves as belts etc etc - I really don't think this was what they had in mind. There are plenty of crop tops and bandeaus being sold in millions of stores across the world. Stop this.

To the make-up artist(s): the two-tone lipstick, why? It would look cool in a beauty editorial but with regards to this video, I don't see how it was relevant to anything. Just because something seems likea good idea, doesn't mean you can throw it in anywhere. Context, people, context!

Nothing in this video tied together, in my opinion. But do check out Baby Dance for yourself via YouTube below.


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