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NEW VIDEO: Burna Boy - Don Gorgon

Burna Boy - Don Gorgon | Ses Rêveries

I was right about the teaser [sighs]...

There isn't really much else to say now. Ordinarily, I would have been fairly impressed. This was actually pretty cool compared to the majority of videos spewed out by his fellow industry people. I've already discussed the awesomeness of the hot air balloons in the teaser post. And while there were a few awkward bits and bobs, like the piano scene (cringe fest) and the carnival scene (1:33 - 1:35... all I'm saying), overall, this wasn't a sore sight at all.

But I watched the teaser (aka the highlight reel) - which I now feel there was no point in sharing at all - so I'm no longer susceptible to its charm. If you must do a teaser, the general idea is to tease us, leave us with a feeling of suspense; the more overwhelming the better - not to lead us on only to make us watch an extended version with plateauing levels of excitement a couple days later. It ruins everything.

Artists just need to stop with the teasers completely if they can't do it properly. As much as it definitely should not contain all the best bits, it doesn't even need to contain clips from the video. It could be a prequel, leading up to it. It'll be even better for you if your intentions for the extended visuals will only really be understood after watching the teaser, because then you get about double the amount of views on YouTube for the cost of one production! Um... ker-ching! There are of course, other ways but your team should be on that wave already - otherwise you might need a new one.

On a different note: what is it with Burna Boy and turtlenecks? We can see what the weather's like. The sunshine is not a mirage, nor can it be attributed to the VFX skills of the Godfather Productions team. Your lady friend is rocking a minidress even - although, the knee-highs are questionable. Still, it is clearly too warm to wear roll-necks - much less layer over them with jackets. And the fur collar... I'm getting a heat rash just watching this.

But just to reiterate, this was a good effort on their part, ruined solely by the decision to air a poorly-constructed teaser. But it's like my old school's motto went, you learn as you grow; and what better way to do so than for someone to point out the shortcomings for you?

You're welcome.

Check out the full video to Burna Boy's Don Gorgon below and let me know what you think.

Photo credit: Godfather Productions


  1. I love Burna boy any day!! :)

  2. Haha, me too, to be honest - that teaser just ruined it a bit for me lol


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