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LISTEN: DJ Xclusive X Wizkid - Jeje

DJ Xclusive X Wizkid - Jeje | Ses Rêveries

I am most upset because I've just realized there are quite a few Wizkid singles I've missed this year.

Wizkid is an eternal favourite but he is not without his faults. Favouritism aside, where is his album? Is he still talking release dates? Or has he given up on the venture as well?

I stopped paying attention when April came and went so, while I doubt I will really care when it eventually comes out, can someone please tweet me if and when it does? I will gladly break the no-album-reviews thing just to bash him for making us wait so long for what I imagine will either be an album filled with exhausted "old" hits, or a mix of new songs he's only just recorded with the American peeps he keeps taking pictures with on his Instagram, keeping us waiting while he sorts out will-they-won't-they collabos that (for his sake) finally come to pass.

In the mean time, here's a solid contender for my engagement party playlist from the musical miscreant and DJ Xclusive and producer Masterkraft. It's similar to Wizkid's One Question with Yemi Sax in that it's less pop more Afrobeat which is probably why I prefer to a boatload of his other releases. I even did a spot of party planning during the first listen. The location is still very iffy at the moment, but I do know it'll be pretty modern architecturally with high-rise ceilings, glass walls and chrome detailing. I'll be wearing a really cute Mary Katrantzou number and the future beau, Theo James (don't Google him, just say "amen") will be wearing that smile and a suit by Tom Ford. There'll be tons of food and a smattering of Greek, British, Yoruba and Ijaw customs, like breaking plaster plates and some of this brouhaha I've only just found out about... basically, it'll be amazing.

Famous live acts can be quite tacky at these things, but I doubt I'd have hired Wizkid anyway lest he cancelled on me last minute, or just not turn up at all like said album. A DJ will suffice, Wizkid will simply have to find another way to mooch money off me.

Check out Jeje via Sound Cloud and let me know what you think.

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