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LISTEN: Marlaw - Pii Pii (Missing My Baby)

I have been looking everywhere for this song!

I went to a boarding school with a heck of a lot of international students, so I discovered quite a lot of musicians that otherwise would've remained absolute mysteries until my planned mid-life crisis where I take time off work indefinitely, and lock myself in a room with nothing but a 3D pizza printer (one can hope), a laptop hooked up to the 1 Tb/s WiFi  and perfect noise cancelling earphones to listen to as every single sound on Sound Cloud ever uploaded.

One of these musical acts was Lawrence Marima Madole aka Marlaw, from my German-Tanzanian cousin, N.

OK, so she's not really my cousin but it is so awkward referring to people as your "friends." I mean, who does that, really? The word barely suffices for even the most basic form of its original intent these days. We get on remarkably well too - like 'Siamese twins' well - but referring to a non-relative as your "sister" is nothing short of pansy. So we settled on cousins.

Anyway, Marlaw's apparently a huge deal in the Arusha region as far as I could tell from N's enthusiasm - quite possibly the entire country, and Kenya as well, according to the comment section. Two years ago, she insisted I watch the music video and, for the four minutes, my face was a comfortable cross between "dude... WTF?" and "OMG, this is awesome;" sadly not an unusual response to the more local music in most other African countries.

I've had the "pii-pii" bit stuck in my head since then, but refused to ask what it was called or who it was by as I had quite enjoyed mocking her for trying to compare this to Nigeria's Afrobeats (no, darlin', just no). But thanks to a young man with a similar query on Yahoo Answers page, I found the video and decided to share the Pii Pii plague with you lot. I don't know the first thing about Swahili though (I actually have no idea if that's what he's speaking tbh. I know N spoke Kiswahili to her peeps back home, but I don't know what the difference is so I've ignorantly assumed Kiswahili is just a new variation of but still kinda-sorta Swahili... I don't know, don't listen to me, I'm Nigerian) so please ask not for a translation.

A quick guesstimate from the video, directed by Adam Juma: a couple of guys are stuck in traffic, beeping at the cars in front of them to get out of the way because they need to get home to their wives or girlfriends or, as my ratchet Nigerians will say, their "personal persons"...

You have to watch the video.

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