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#TBT: Dizzy K. Falola - Baby Kilode

Dizzy K. Falola - Baby Kilode | Ses Rêveries

For this week's #ThrowbackThursday, here's a new discovery of mine from my favourite decade by Nigeria's Kunle Falola, who goes by the stage name Dizzy K. Falola.

Baby Kilode is just... No words. It's both amusingly sad and incredibly amazing at the same time. Produced by Tony Okoroji (I think) and released by EMI Nigeria in 1983 off the Be My Friend album, Dizzy Falola sounds a hell of a lot like Michael Jackson circa Jackson 5 with that insanely addictive voice of his. Along with Ebenezer, he turned away from the world of Pop in 1989 to focus on Gospel music and now runs a studio in London.

When I stumbled across this song while having one of my lazy, can't-be-arsed-moving-to-click-pause-let's-just-run-through-the-Recommended-playlist-for-a-few-hours moments on Sound Cloud, I honestly thought it was a track by yet another American funk/soul group... then I processed the "kilode" and my head snapped up in the usual 'yo, wtf' fashion.

Am I the only person who's pretty impressed by that, considering the eighties was one of the better eras of American music? I apologize if that sounds a bit patronizing to the retro Afro-audiophiles. If it's any consolation, I'm especially feeling like quite the ignorant little amateur now myself, having just come to the realization that the only major power players on my iPod from before the Nigerian Noughties are Lagbaja, Bright Chimezie and Fela Kuti. How embarrassing.

Expect a few more new discoveries in the coming weeks. But next week, we're hitting Thailand... talk about throwing a curve ball, haha.

Check out Dizzy Falola's Baby Kilode via Sound Cloud and let me know what you think.

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