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Collection: TOME NYC Spring/Summer 2015 #NYFW

TOME NYC Spring/Summer 2015 | Ses Rêveries

I am tired, hungry and sore from all the packing (moving season is once again upon us "academics") so I'm feeling a bit like I'm at fashion week. Fittingly, I thought I'd head over to virtual New York and see what the faves are up to.

Tome NYC was one of the more recent additions to my list of favourite from earlier this year. There's something subliminally innovative about each of their creations; "subliminal" because I always get the sense that this is exactly what clothes should look like every time I see one of their pieces, as opposed to just having my mind blown momentarily. That probably makes no sense until you think of it like when Rolls finally met Royce in the world of luxury automobiles, or for a more contemporary comparison, when insert-preferred-electronics-company-name-here poops out a new phone. They put in a higher-res screen or a more intelligent OS and suddenly, you're thinking, "This is what every phone should look like. How did we live before without this?"

The Aussie designers, Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo have created exquisitely feminine tailored pieces, none of which have made we want to gag and set fire to my old Barbies... they have once again won over this androgynous fashion fiend.

They cut shapes like they had Inception-ed their way into the dreams of sartorialism-focused women everywhere to find exactly what we wanted - nay, needed. The iridescent fabrics, updated pastel hues and airy silhouettes emphasize the easiness and fluidity of their designs inspired by the work of Indian photographer, Dayanita Singh and classical dancer, Rukmin Devi. The craftsmanship is top-notch, as you would expect.

What I will be taking away from this collection, is the nonchalant approach to styling, and how stunning burnt orange looks in pleats. Perfection.

For more photos, click here.

Photo source: VOGUE

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