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Editorials: October 2014

Grazia France | Ses Rêveries

Here are some of my favourite shots from October's round of magazines, like this shot of Adama Diallo by Kourtney Roy for Grazia France.

P.S. If you're looking for someone to have stalk around your editorial shoots, generally being in the way, asking too many questions and begging to pwease! have a go behind the camera, then look no further *sprinkles fairy dust* I'm your girl!

Grazia France | Ses Rêveries

Model: Adama Diallo
Photographer: Kourtney Roy
Stylist: Donatella Musco
Make-up Artist: Min Kim
Hair Stylist: Stephanie Farouze
Magazine: Grazia France
EditorialCommando Couture
Highlight: There's just something about how grunge, glam and all-over-the-place this is.

Numéro | Ses Rêveries

Model: Alisha Ahmann
Photographer: Greg Kadel
Stylist: Elizabeth Sulcer
Make-up Artist: Mariel Barrera
Hair Stylist: Ward Stegerhoek
Magazine: Numéro
Editorial: (unknown)
Highlight: It's high-shine, in-your-face and stunning in its attention to detail.

Model: Alison Nix
Photographer: Riccardo Vimercati
Stylist: Christine de Lassus
Make-up Artist: Rie Omoto
Hair Stylist: Enrico Mariotti
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Mexico
EditorialNew York State of Mind
Highlight: Nix looks absolutely fierce in this spread.

Numéro | Ses Rêveries
Numéro | Ses Rêveries

Model: Amanda Wellsh
Photographer: Txema Yeste
Stylist: Belen Casadevall
Make-up Artist: Víctor Álvarez
Hair Stylist: Olivier Lebrun
Magazine: Numéro
Editorial: Chamane «Shaman»
Highlight: Props to the guy in charge of props... hehehe...

Vogue Paris | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Paris | Ses Rêveries

Model: Andreea Diaconu
Photographer: Gregory Harris
Stylist: Veronique Didry
Make-up Artist: Lisa Houghton
Hair Stylist: James Rowe
Magazine: Vogue Paris
Editorial: Vent du Nord «North Wind»
Highlight: What's not to love?

Model: Barbara Fialho
Photographer: David Gubert
Stylist: Valeryi Yong
Make-up Artist: Cynthia Sobek
Hair Stylist: Marco Braca
Magazine: Marie Claire Australia
EditorialHeat of the Day
Highlight: As much as I hate summer, I do not hate the tropics (shout to the Caribbean bae in my future) - that dude's hat game goes so strong as well.

Model: Cara Delevingne
Photographer: Mario Testino
Stylist: Paul Cavaco
Make-up Artist: Yadim
Hair Stylist: James Pecis
Magazine: Allure
EditorialBest of Beauty
Highlight: Yadim outdid himself with this shoot; neutral make-up hasn't looked this good in a while.

Model: Crista Cober
Photographer: Laurence Ellis
Stylist: Anne Sophie Thomas
Make-up Artist: Anthony Preel
Hair Stylist: Hélène Bidard
Magazine: L'Officiel Paris
EditorialThe Monochrome Set
Highlight: Neutral colours and knitwear = yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. That being said, these shoes are incredibly ugly (sorry, Stella McCartney). But if it helps, it did not detract from the shoot whatsoever so it's got that going for it, at least.

Model: Elisabeth Erm
Photographer: Gregory Harris
Stylist: Elin Svahn
Make-up Artist: Marla Belt
Hair Stylist: Tamara McNaughton
Magazine: Interview
Editorial: Relaxed Elegance
Highlight: Erm's stringy wet hair and dewy skin contrast the luxuriously structured pieces Harris chose, with the sleek, streamlined silhouettes balance them off nicely.

Model: Emily DiDonato
Photographer: Angelo Pennetta
Stylist: George Cortina
Make-up Artist: Lucia Pica
Hair Stylist: Tuan Anh Tran
Magazine: WSJ
Editorial: Colour Block
Highlights: Cortina channels Little Edie with those luscious headscarves, and the Mexican-inspired decor is stunning. I say a little prayer for black eyeliner as well because DiDonato's eyes are even more piercing with those kohl rims.

Vogue Brasil | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Brasil | Ses Rêveries

Model: Frida Gustavsson, Moa Aberg
Photographer: Peter Farago
Stylist: Patricia Tremblais
Make-up Artist: Ignacio Alonso
Hair Stylist: Linda Shalabi
Magazine: Vogue Brasil
Editorial: (unknown)
Highlight: Knitwear, knitwear and more knitwear - I love fall. The shoot reminds me of a Ke$ha video as well. That can of course only be a good thing.

Vogue Paris | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Paris | Ses Rêveries

Model: Grace Hartzel
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan
Stylist: Suzanne Koller
Make-up Artist: Lucia Pica
Hair Stylist: Luke Hersheson
Magazine: Vogue Paris
EditorialÉtat de Grace «State of Grace»
Highlight: Lucia Pica had a good month this month, no? Basically, when I first saw this editorial, I thought of Carla Bruni as an eighties Bond Girl and that, for me, was a "nuff said" moment if there ever was one.

Vogue Ukraine | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Ukraine | Ses Rêveries

Model: Hana Jirickova, Dmitry Brylev
Photographer: Nagi Sakai
Stylist: Julie Pelipas
Make-up Artist: Steven Canavan
Hair Stylist: Roberto Di Cuia
Magazine: Vogue Ukraine
Editorial: Сказочно КРАСИВО «Fabulously Beautiful (or something along those lines... blame Google)»
Highlight: I love how dark and gothic florals get in the colder months; so much better than that bright, happy, summery nonsense.

Numéro | Ses Rêveries
Numéro | Ses Rêveries

Model: Hanne Gaby Odiele
Photographer: Vanmossevelde + N
Stylist: Aliona Isaeva
Make-up Artist: Hugo Villard
Hair Stylist: Olivier de Vriendt
Magazine: Numéro Russia
Editorial: (unknown)
Highlight: I've always wanted to do a shoot like this. It's just so effortless.

Model: Ilse de Boer
Photographer: Takay
Stylist: Laura Bianchi
Make-up Artist: Steven Canavan
Hair Stylist: Kenshin Asano
Magazine: D Magazine
EditorialSelvaggio Naturale «Wild Nature»
Highlight: She looks so warm, I want to cry. I also love the animalistic element to this... but I would literally give my left foot to be swathed in that Scervino shearling jacket right now - and it's not even November yet. I doubt I'll be making it to all my lectures come December; prepare for serially home-bound Life Lately photo diaries from then until April.

Model: Jessica Chastain (actress)
Photographer: Craig McDean
Stylist: Karl Templer
Make-up Artist: Diane Kendal
Hair Stylist: Yannick D'is
Magazine: Interview
Editorial: (unknown)
Highlight: I've been obsessed with this woman since Zero Dark Thirty... and so the love affair continues. She does look a bit like LDR in that second shot particularly though, but it is quite possibly my favourite of the lot.

Numéro | Ses Rêveries
Numéro | Ses Rêveries

Model: Katrin Thormann
Photographer: Koto Bolofo
Stylist: Irina Marie
Make-up Artist: Hugo Villard
Hair Stylist: Terry Saxon
Magazine: Numéro
Editorial: Camera Obscura
Highlight: I adored every thing about this shoot. But these shoots were particularly striking because of the retro vibes and how dramatic that pose is because of its orientation in comparison with the others. There's a more subtle inquisitiveness about the tone of the shoot and the overall feeling towards the art of photography in that second shot.

Russh | Ses Rêveries
Russh | Ses Rêveries

Model: Kia Low
Photographer: James Nelson
Stylist: Billie Iveson
Make-up Artist: Nadine Monley
Hair Stylist: Carl Reeves
Magazine: Russh
EditorialFast and Loose
Highlight: Playing with shadows on her chiseled, defined facial features can only come out beautifully, really.

Model: Kirstin Liljegren
Photographer: Sebastian Mader
Stylist: Vanessa Chow
Make-up Artist: Asami Taguchi
Hair Stylist: Pasquale Ferrante
Magazine: Interview
Highlight: "Selfie game so strong."

Singles Korea | Ses Rêveries
Singles Korea | Ses Rêveries

Model: Kremi Otashliyska
Photographer: Hong Jang Hyun
Stylist: William Graper
Make-up Artist: Christine Cherbonnier
Hair Stylist: Nicolas Eldin
Magazine: Singles Korea
EditorialPicky Lady
Highlight: Her legs just do not stop.

Model: Lara Mullen
Photographer: Honer Akrawi
Stylist: Josefine Aune
Make-up Artist: Pari Damani
Hair Stylist: Dejan Cekanovic
Magazine: Elle Sweden
EditorialKärlek I Denim «Love in Denim»
Highlight: It's like a Ralph Lauren ad styled by a visual merchandiser from Tommy Hilfiger's camp - I love it.

Vogue Turkey | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Turkey | Ses Rêveries

Model: Lena Hardt
Photographer: Andreas Öhlund & Maria Therese
Stylist: Ece Öğütoğulları
Make-up Artist: Hakan Kultur
Hair Stylist: Ibrahim Zengin
Magazine: Vogue Turkey
Editorial: (unknown)
Highlight: While slightly more purposefully refined, the looks are pretty reminiscent of Alexander Wang, which I love because that man is legit the love of my life.

Model: Lily Donaldson
Photographer: Hong Jang Hyun
Stylist: (unknown)*
Make-up Artist: Fulvia Farolfi
Hair Stylist: Shon Ju
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Korea
Editorial: Bella Donna «Pretty Woman»
Highlight: It took me a while to pick two of my favourite pictures; Donaldson looks amazing! I do love the vintage feel given to these contemporary Tods pieces; it shifts the focus of classic autumnal wear to the textures and patterns than cuts and shapes - and the footwear, of course. Next up on my Steal From Dad list: moccasins.


Model: Liya Kebede
Photographer: Tiziano Magni
Stylist: Jonathan Huguet
Make-up Artist: (unknown)
Hair Stylist: (unknown)
Magazine: Marie Claire France
Highlight: That platinum blonde hair is doing wonders for Liya. I'm a bit surprised I didn't think she could look better than she did, but there you go. Exhibit A.

Model: Maartjie Verhoef
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Stylist: Alastair McKimm
Make-up Artist: Hannah Murray
Hair Stylist: Shon Ju
Magazine: WSJ
Editorial: Cold Comfort
Highlight: I love me some good knitwear. Verhoef's bone structure is doing some major damage in this editorial as well, good Lord.

Vogue Ukraine | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Ukraine | Ses Rêveries

Model: Maja Salamon
Photographer: Agata Pospieszyńska
Stylist: Ina Lekiewicz
Make-up Artist: Nana Benjamin
Hair Stylist: Pawel Solis
Magazine: Vogue Ukraine
Editorial: шопинг «Shopping»
Highlight: I like the industrial feel of this shot, with the high fashion pieces adorning the gorgeous Salamon as she stands in the centre of it all, commanding attention; makes you think of those early days when designers started getting more recognition over clothing manufacturers.

Vogue Italia | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Italia | Ses Rêveries

Model: Malgosia Bela
Photographer: Craig McDean
Stylist: Jane How
Make-up Artist: Lucia Pica
Hair Stylist: Anthony Turner
Magazine: Vogue Italia
Editorial: The Story of M
Highlight: The graphics are just...! Superimposing images can go so wrong, but McDean got this shoot so right with the help of digital artist Pascal Dangin. It's gritty, demure and visually textured.

Model: Maria Port
Photographer: Takai
Stylist: Jeanne Le Bault
Make-up Artist: Tatsu Yamanaka
Hair Stylist: Christoph Hasenbein
Magazine: Elle France
Editorial: Tout Maxi  «Maximum Everything»
Highlight: You can never go wrong with cosy knitwear and structured tailoring.

Model: Natalie Westling, Gabriel Marques
Photographer: Lachlan Bailey
Stylist: Clare Richardson
Make-up Artist: Francelle
Hair Stylist: James Pecis
Magazine: Le Monde M
EditorialÀ Fleur de Peaux «Flower Skinned»**
Highlight: While the seventies are a bit too stereotypical of autumn what with all the warm bohemian hype (pfft, hippies), I really like how grunge and rock 'n' roll this shoot came out. I'm not a fan of guys with long hair, but Gabriel looks like the bad boy of every teenage girl's dreams, at least those of us from the tail end of the twentieth century. I don't know what these Noughties kids are into. Perhaps if he had nicotine-stained teeth, weighed a little less and "had a higher consciousness"***...?

Vogue Paris | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Paris | Ses Rêveries

Model: Natasha Poly
Photographer: Mario Testino
Stylist: Emmanuelle Alt
Make-up Artist: Stephane Marais
Hair Stylist: James Pecis
Magazine: Vogue Paris
EditorialLa Beauté en Héritage «the Beauty in Inheritance»
Highlight: This stunner just had a baby. Let that sink in... I'm joking, I'm basically still obsessed with black and white editorials and I just love the contrast in this between the softer, unassuming strength of a mother and the stricter, more aggressive strength of a fashionable woman in four-inch heels.

Vogue Italia | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Italia | Ses Rêveries

Model: Ondria Hardin
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø
Stylist: George Cortina
Make-up Artist: Hiromi Ueda
Hair Stylist: Shon
Magazine: Vogue Italia
Editorial: The Now Style
Highlight: I've grown a little obsessed with black and white images because someone told me he found them rather ugly as the lack of colour detracted too much for him to truly appreciate the images. But I quite like the story it adds to them.

Model: Rosie Tupper
Photographer: David Mandelberg
Stylist: Jana Pokorny
Make-up Artist: Linda Jefferyes
Hair Stylist: Koh at Creative for O&M
Magazine: Marie Claire Australia
EditorialRosie Loves Hats
Highlight: These shots are absolutely stunning in #WhackAndBlite (yes, I have been waiting a while to say that).

Vogue Korea | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Korea | Ses Rêveries

Model: Sam Rollinson
Photographer: Raf Stahellin
Stylist: Ye Young Kim
Make-up Artist: Benjamin Puckey
Hair Stylist: Tomi Kono
Magazine: Vogue Korea
Editorial: Camp Nowhere
HighlightI guess it's the season of the fishermen for fashion photographers. Sam's features are timelessly English with her porcelain skin and striking features and I love how that compliments the rustic aspect of this shoot.

Vogue Spain | Ses Rêveries
Vogue Spain | Ses Rêveries

Model: Sara Sampaio
Photographer: Alvaro Beamud Cortes
Stylist: Marina Gallo
Make-up Artist: Luciano Chiarello
Hair Stylist: Wendy Iles
Magazine: Vogue Spain
Editorial: Larga Cabalgada «Long Ride»
Highlight: I love a good equestrian shoot; it reminds me of my days at the Polo Club back in Nigeria (#fancy, I know). I usually hate when a shoot wholly endorses just one brand, but these Gucci A/W 2014 pieces are stunning.

Harper's Bazaar Spain | Ses Rêveries
Harper's Bazaar Spain | Ses Rêveries
Harper's Bazaar Spain | Ses Rêveries
Harper's Bazaar Spain | Ses Rêveries

Model: Antonina Vasylchenko, Sibui Nazarenko, Tosca Dekker,
Photographer: Bela Adler & Salvador Fresneda
Stylist: Berta Alvarez
Make-up Artist: Sonia
Hair Stylist: Sonia
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Spain
EditorialClase Trabajadora «Working Class»
Highlight: Yes, there are more than two photos from this one but I legit could not choose. I blame the fact that there are three models, and that one of them - Nazarenko, in case you were wondering - is officially my new girl crush. No, "girl crush" is far too mild. I am in love with this woman. Seriously, if she said, "Karina, switch teams with me." I would. In a heartbeat. Look at that face! I always did say that if I was that way inclined, I would only swing in the direction of the nearest Russian girl. They are almost always the most flawless women in the room.

*I swear, no one knows. I now have a tick in my left eye because I can't find this person. It is that deep.

**My French is pretty bad in itself so that's probably all wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's not what Google Translate said which was "two moon skins"... No, seriously.

***What the f--k does that even mean? I saw someone bash Chris Brown on one of his Instagram pictures for not having it which meant he wasn't up to her standards... like, wtf?

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