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Journal: Green Tea & Orange Leaves

I can't remember how many weeks it was I spent without internet access. But I have come out the other side, a changed woman... Well...

First off, aloha! And no, that's not because I was living it up in Hawaii when I abandoned you all in the disgusting heat this summer brought with it. It's more like a cheeky lets-skirt-over-the-actual-apology apology for said absence because you and me, we're cool like that. We're homies.

Secondly, happy Nigerian Independence Day! I meant to wear something traditional today but I only have dresses in Ankara here, and Leeds Varsity is on today so it'd be stupid to wear a dress with my trainers. I'm not competing in any of the games or anything; it's just a matter of principle. Who wears fancy shoes to watch rugby?

Now, back to the matter hand.

The How, the Why, the WTF?

My dad was neither impressed by my packing skills nor my onesie. The bin bags were 90p for the bunch though #SaveMoney. And don't be fooled, these are just the few bags and suitcases that didn't fit anywhere in my room.

I was offline because I had to move house twice this summer. I moved out of uni halls after working for a bit to live with Mo who moved to a new flat a little while later which meant I had to move again too. Sky (i.e. British Sky Broadcasting) had a massively long waiting list as, of course, lots of students were moving in for the academic year around that time and had already arranged to have their WiFi set up months before. So we were at the bottom of the list and therefore had zero WiFi for weeks. I did have some data on my phone but you can imagine how quickly that was used up what with my Sound Cloud stream, YouTube subscriptions, Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram feeds and Facebook timeline - look at that, I'm so connected.

I tried the free WiFi at the nearest McDonald's as well but they soon started to recognize me and my order - bit too embarrassing, even for me. So I decided to accept the universe's Internet Detox challenge. But I've moved once more back to halls now - the day after Sky came to set up the WiFi, by the way; story of my unfortunate life - so all is well.

The What Have You Been Up To Then?

I started drinking tea. But this was only because I had to. Mo's former flatmate caught a cold from work, Suji caught it from her and I caught it from Suji because I was stupid enough to clean up the tissues the fool kept leaving everywhere. I hate tea - especially green tea, but that was all Mo had in the cupboards, just my luck. And I'm always rarely ever sick as well, but there I was sniffling and freezing and generally feeling disgusting for days.

I went to the park. I'd like to say I 'found myself' in the process, or that I 'became one with nature.' But that would be a lie. Seriously speaking, parks need to come with guide books or protocol posters; something to tell you what you should be doing once you get there because I really don't get the allure. What are we supposed to do when we get there? There's nothing there but park benches and irritatingly cheerful people. I'm nice on a regular day but if someone walks by all Mr Bluebird on my shoulder with the whistling and the "it's such a lovely day isn't it?", I will want to slap them. It's just a bit of sunshine, take a chill pill.

I window-shopped. A lot. I didn't actually buy anything; I just browsed and gave ASOS and Zara a shed load of page views. There were lots I would have liked to buy if I could be arsed with going through that whole "oh, my God, I can't afford to buy any food but at least I'll look mighty fine when I die of starvation, and have the EMT pondering necrophilia because I'm just that hot" phase, but I really couldn't. I will be doing more wishlists though to keep up the curbing of the spending habits.

These bad boys were £8 at H&M and I didn't get them because I left my card and also, where the hell would I wear mint green slingbacks? They were cute though [sigh].

I went to a few conferences because I'm on one of my society's committees now and actually have to, like, do stuff. Can I just say networking is really fun? I met a lot of awesome people from other universities and people working in law, banking & finance and IT. I even got to talk to the President of the WIBF among others. Why don't engineers have networking events? Or do they, but I'm just not being proactive enough? The only 'famous' person I've met on that front is the head of IMechE; he was awesome though.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time writing a short bio for a new publication I'm working with. If you take a long, hard look at my About page, you'll see that while I mention myself a lot, there's actually nothing about me on there. The blog, yeah, sure. Me, not so much. That information has been (subconsciously) seeded into posts but when it comes to bios, I blank and only remember my name, age and the song my mum taught us when we were little using her phone number digits so if we ever ventured too far from the homestead into unknown territory, we could call her to come beat the crap out of us pick us up. I can form opinions on just about anything and argue to the death, even when I know I'm wrong, but I just cannot write about myself. With the written word, it just feels so permanent; like I'm telling myself I can't be anything other than what I write down. It's like I have commitment issues with my personality. I might like reggae today, and think it died with Bob Marley tomorrow. I might feel like doing two hour's worth of exercise today to get rid of the love handles (... I said "feel like") and then have a popcorn-pizza-ice-cream combo for dinner because I'm out of regular food and the nearest shop is a ten-minute walk away (five minutes is already enough).

If I'm not thinking about different perspectives or trying new things or what have you, then I feel like I know who I am, which for me is akin to being trapped in a box. I don't want to know who I am. I've been holding the Miss Single Not Ready to Mingle title since '95 (pause, let all the implications sink in... Yup... You're not even surprised, are you?); if I'm going to date myself, I need to keep it exciting.

More recently, like 'yesterday' recently, I went to a theatre workshop where we played zip-zap-boing (don't ask... I lasted quite long though even though I barely understood it) and read King Lear. I also got to be the back-end of a gondola during the improv session with my group. Long story, but the basic summary of our story is: a girl ran away to Venice with the platypus she's in love with because her parents disapproved of their relatioship. He proposed to her on a gondola after a lengthy argument where he repetitively complained about there being something in his shoe and her reminding him he didn't wear shoes, dropped the ring in the canal by mistake and then dived in heroically to get it; during which time, the girl decided to get it on with the gondola man - whose ass was right in front of my face, I might add. But when Lady Theatre says sway with the water like a gondola with a bum in your face, you sway with the water like a gondola with a bum in yo' face.

Later this week, I will also be going to a kickboxing and Krav Maga session and a Korean culture fest. This is life for me now: a series of random events. The life of a writer is not an easy one; I need material and since nothing actually happens to me (tragic, I know; people are dying in Gaza and I'm whining because I'm bored), I've decided to start making things happen.

The What's Gonna Happen Now?

While I was cut off from the world (by being out in the world #deep), I got to do a lot of thinking. I'm probably making this sound more philosophical than it is; it really isn't. I won't bore you with the details, but if you notice any changes at all on the blog, just go with it - or not, if it's not your thing, no biggie.

I'm not bored of the blog per se. It's just not reflecting enough of who I actually am or what I'm interested (it's not all music, I swear) or what I even do, which was why I started this thing in the first place. With my bad memory, who's going to remind me of the time I once only shaved one of my legs, completely forgetting the other; or that I've been shot at twice so far in two major cases of bad timing?

I know I promised to do more of the journal/lifestyle crap in January but the spikes in the page views were a little intimidating (spam-bots ftw). Now though, I'm tired of not having as much fun with my blog as I planned to.

So I guess we'll all see whatever the hell that actually means in the coming months.

Here's to an awesomely random first day back!

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