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On Wednesday, We Heard... Clap! Clap!

Clap! Clap! - The Rainstick Fable | Ses Rêveries

Classic Afrobeat sampling + contemporary EDM mixing and synths = retro-futuristic rhythmic vibes for days. That is basically Italian producer Cristiano Crisci's Clap! Clap! project in a modest nutshell. Hit play though, and it becomes so much more.

I discovered Crisci, who goes by Digi G'Alessio (not to be confused with Gigi D'Alessio) or Clap! Clap! on stage depending on the sound, through my more recent travels across the world music blogosphere. I feel like every time I am there, I discover people who are far more interesting than the majority of people cluttering my playlists. I really should visit more often...

Born in Florence, the Tuscany-based saxophonist and electronic producer has been experimenting with the crossovers between EDM and traditional Afro music in his recent Clap! Clap! project. This week's Listen selection comes from his 2014 LP released via trusty Bristol-based label, Black Acres titled Tayi Bebba. The conceptual LP tells the tale of a fictional island Tayi Bebba and its fantastical inhabitants, beliefs, myths and traditions. You can read the chapters supporting each of the tracks on the website here.

I've chosen the Rainstick Fable as our song for the day. Think rain dancing but with that West African fervour and watered-down smatterings of soul and jazz thrown in for good measure. It is quite literally impossible not to fall in love with.

Photo credit: Koviljka Neskovic (Hello This is Kae)

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