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Setting the Scene: The Contract

DAP and Shane Chubbz of The Contract | Ses Rêveries

Usually, when I drop off the face off the electronic earth, a memo is sent round to the internet gods to hold back on all things awesome lest I miss it. This time around however, Yankee Doodle Pigeon, who's getting on in years to be fair, messed up - big time.

In the few weeks that I was away, Wizkid - whose name is unofficially banned from the blog until further notice - dropped that bloody sophomore album he's been teasing us with to the point of near-complete loss of interest. Scotland voted against the referendum on independence (can we take a moment to thank God that I will not have to worry about being classed as foreign in England and possibly having to pay those deadly international student fees?). And blog favourites, Shane Chubbz and DAP joined forces in a new duo/group/collective/thing: the Contract.

I knew I wouldn't start blogging until October 1 but I decided to 'start' a little early, and tweeted about Joga about a week ago (week ago / f#ck with us and then we tweaking, hoe) as one of my Sound Cloud discoveries of the day.* The voices were familiar; the sound, distinctively "alternative"; the name "the Contract" however, was not - or was it?**

A totally cool, calm and collected request about what the Contract was on Twitter - and not at all a desperate plea to be updated on local pop culture - led to Shane Chubbz and I setting up an impromptu little interview below, that kinda sorta celebrates my return and the anniversary of Holiday/Where I'm From.

If you too have been wondering what the Contract is, missed the release of their first single Joga, or you have no idea what is happening or how you even ended up on this blog, have a quick read below!

The Contract | Ses Rêveries

It's been less than ten months since you guys were last featured, and funnily enough, we're all operating under different names now. How did you guys come to the decision to make another rap collective?

The Contract: We're not a rap collective, b####. But for real, erm, we've always made music together and it just seemed right. 

What have you guys been up to since Holiday/WIF? How are '95 & Forever and Goodbye for Never coming along?

The ContractJust trying to balance music with uni/college shit. I've (DAP) been collaborating with lots of fresh artists and just expanding my network. I've (Chubbz) just been trying to have a fucking good summer - it tends to translate to fucking good music. '95 & Forever is coming along just fine, thanks. Goodbye for Never is one track from being done.

How and why did you pick the name 'the Contract'? 

The ContractThe Contract like Neymar Junior. It only makes sense. 

One of your most notable collaborations in the past, Holiday/WIF had a pretty interesting back story. How did Joga come about? And, for the linguistically challenged, what does it mean?

The ContractJoga, which means "play", was really a product of the summer. I (Chubbz) got back from South Beach and DAP was already in London, and during the World Cup London was just so f#cking sick. London really inspired Joga, weirdly enough. The video is out soon, which is really, really hard. 

What's going to happen to the Stay Fly dynamic, now that the Contract is off the ground?

The ContractI (Chubbz) haven't really been Stay Fly for a while, if I'm being honest. But that's family. There's always going to be Stay Fly, but The Contract is forever. We think we could really be on to something.

Can we expect a project anytime soon, or are you both busy working on your individual projects?

The ContractWe both haven't dropped any music in a while. It really feels like half-time at the Atatürk in Istanbul in '05. We're going to do it right. There's nothing worse than a half-baked comeback, is there?


No, there really isn't... hi, S Club 7.

So now you know know what's what, you can fully appreciate Joga; a late summer night carnival dream of a song with Latin American samba vibes a la metal drums and unsurprising lyrical mastery from both rappers. With regards to how they're going to pull the Contract off with uni having just started with the usual sack of coursework, essays and what-have-you in tow: internet, enter stage left. I reckon the Contract would've made a pretty interesting addition to Skype and JacksGap's Following Heart project.

Happy listening!

*There will be more of these 'new music' tweets/posts with weekly top-ten round-ups on the blog so you don't have to read 300+ posts a year on here and I can better commit to the Listen/TBT series, world music and submissions.

**I totally called the Neymar Jr. thing, but I wasn't sure. Damn you, self doubt, damn you.

Photo credit: Ray Fiasco // The Contract


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