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#TBT: Rammellzee X K-Rob - Beat Drop

This one is for the Hip Hop fans and audiophiles.

Here's the late rapper/artist Rammellzee's ground-breaking Beat Bop, a rap battle track that features K-Rob and enough metaphors, double entendres and role playing to appease even the most difficult to impress of rap critics.

Beat Bop was originally released in 1983 as a test pressing before it swiftly made its way into the big leagues as the art show, Style Wars theme song. Jean-Michel Basquiat also designed the cover art and Al Diaz helped with the production. So basically, as well as being incredibly awesome, it's also super fancy. Take that, Iggy.

The song's got an intriguing, enigmatic back story as well, if you're in the mood for some history and have a few minutes to spare. And I say enigmatic because of the "how involved was Basquiat, really?" conundrum. But what would a legacy be without a little bit of mystery?

Photo credit: Jean Michel Basquiat

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