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WISHLIST: The Knitwear Fixer

WISHLIST: Autumnal Knitwear | Ses Rêveries

Your knitwear craving? It's handled.

WISHLIST: Autumnal Knitwear | Ses Rêveries

Let's be honest here, like florals in spring, autumnal knitwear is so earth-shattering in its duh-ness that this post really does not require much chit-chat...

Except it does, because it's fashuun.

My knitwear muse, aside from the stunning Ophelie Guillermand in the Vogue Russia editorial photo shot by Jason Kibbler above, is of course Olivia Pope [sidenote: am I the only person who did not know Scandal was called the Fixer in some countries? Is that even legal?] Creams, greys, beiges, mustards - no whites ("after Labour Day") though. Food stains may pass in a basement lab filled with stressed engineering students poring over breadboards and the stench of meatball subs, but in the outside world, it is usually frowned upon.

Black is of course, too obvious to be mentioned in that list.

I'm on the hunt for knits in as many textures as possible, but I'm not looking for anything in particular - except for the sale of all sales that will finally get me the cool bluish grey chunky cashmere jumper dress that sits just above the knee with a silver zip all the way up the back and slits up both sides that I've been dreaming of for months. I'd make one myself but I can't sew well enough to start splashing on cashmere fabric. So, to the generous designers out there, feel free to ask for my measurements; I'll gladly pay for P&P.

Until then, anything chunky, ugly-chic and oversized to the point of being likened to potato sacks will easily suffice. You'll rarely find me wearing anything that actually fits properly; those numbers on the labels are just guidelines...


Photo credit: Jason Kibbler

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