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Classical: Alexandre Desplat - Lily's Theme

Alexandre Desplat - Lily's Theme | Ses Rêveries

Alexandre Desplat is arguably one of my favourite contemporary composers; he is magnificent.

I'm sat in the library right now but even without my earphones (you're damn right, I'm still on that), I can still feel the essence of this song from many listens ago when I was a young lass at Sixth Form, drowning out the bleariness of the countryside my parents had abandoned me in with his (and many others') beautiful scores. Each note was the perfect companion.

It was then I discovered he had scored the OSTs of a number of seriously amazing films I'd seen already - and some I just had to watch after searching his IMDb* page, never to my disappointment.

One of my favourites of his was Lily's Theme. All HP nerds know this tune well. It really did define the tone of the eighth film, if I may be so bold. A stunning piece, but far too short - but when you think of Lily Potter, the brevity makes it all too perfect.


*Speaking of IMDb, I met Col Needham last week! He was giving a presentation to the School of Computing students but I snuck in because, duh, Col Needham. He is such a cool guy, and I got to tell him that, like any standard fan girl would, after everyone left. I thought he'd be surrounded afterwards but it seemed everyone had a class to get to but me and one other guy, who asked for his autograph - totally should have done that too, actually!

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  1. oh i hadn't heard of him, but the harry potter classical music is always so good! thanks for the introduction :)


  2. You're welcome! I have no doubts you'll love the rest of his music just as much :) x


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