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Classical: Jacques Loussier Trio - Bach’s D Minor Piano Concerto

Jacques Loussier - Bach’s D Minor Piano Concerto | Ses Rêveries

OK, so Louissier's transcription of Bach's Piano Concerto in D Minor is more jazz than classical. It's still this week's Classical piece. My house, my rules :P

I will leave you with this: some people consider jazz a subset of classical music, what are your thoughts? Is jazz becoming more classical? Where do we draw the line?

And more importantly, how do we feel about jazz hands? I for one, love them so pretend I'm doing them right now as I bid you adieu - I've got a two-hour meeting to get to, my second one today btw - today being the only day I had no timetabled lectures or labs whatsoever. I'd cry, but I'm too tired.




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