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Classical: Jay Chou's Secret OST

Secret OST [2007] | Ses Rêveries

Another day, another series... I've decided to dedicate Tuesdays to my favourite classical music pieces - and a few new discoveries as well. And first up is a track from my absolute favourite Taiwanese film.

I discovered Secret in 2012 through my good friend M from Köln*. M is amazing at playing piano and guitar; she's a fantastic artist and singer as well.

She's also a bit of an oddball in the most lovable sense (I mean, she randomly made us mugs once; sculpted them, kilned them, painted them - the works) so none of us were particularly surprised when she asked that we skip watching another episode of Friends to watch a film entirely in Mandarin for one of our Friday-with-Chinese-takeout nights. There were subtitles, but thanks to Mo's obsession with anime, and to the channels we had from all those non-English speaking countries on Nigerian cable (... that I totally never watched if they were acquired illegally, by the way #FedsIsWatching), I was well versed in the art of watching foreign films, with or without subtitles, so I was down.

It was that fateful night that I fell in love with the amazing Jay Chou, and we've been going strong ever since.

Seriously, he is phenomenal - as is the film! I don't give everything 'favourite' status, especially not films because you will never see them all so you will never know which is your favourite anything without making the heart-wrenching mistake of making *gaaasssppp* an uninformed choice.

Film is one of the obvious categories you would expect to see on this spider's web of a blog but never will, save for the odd reference or OST here and there. I can't afford to fail university because I'm constructing critical essays every damn day about everything film or television under the sun. It's bad enough trying to keep up with them. Empire subscriptions and film festival tickets would bleed me dry, popcorn would become a diet staple and I'd start living life like it was a movie (no, wait I do that last one already). I really do not know how Mo does it.

Anyway, check out the award-winning original soundtrack below, as well as a snippet of one of my favourite scenes from Secret (which I do not own any of the rights to and don't claim to at all) that features Chou and Nan Quan Mama's Zhan Yuhao covering Frédéric Chopin's Black Key Etude and Waltz in an incredible piano duel at their fancy music school. It reminds me of the days when I used to play Chopin at Sixth Form...

Ha. Haha. Bare jokes, I had weekly lessons for a year and still only stopped at Grade 3. I barely even mastered the first section of Fur Elise. Perhaps I should get myself a keyboard and just start over?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the fantastic scores below as much as I do - scroll down to the bottom for a little surprise as well (that you totally did not get from me btw).

If you would like to watch Secret, there may or may not be a link on this bit of text right here that could possibly let you do so. Do let me know what you think if you do - and prepare to be verbally massacred if you don't love it!

* I honestly thought the Germans at my old school were saying 'cologne' whenever they spoke about the town for months so I'd always think, "how can one come from cologne - is that some kind of innuendo?"

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