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Classical: Sofia Gubaidulina - In Erwartung

Sofia Gubaidulina - In Erwartung | Ses Rêveries

I'm just a teensy bit obsessed with this woman's use of different instruments in a genre I often (foolishly) stereotype excessively. She and her music are stunning.

Today's classical piece is award-winning Russian composer, Sofia Gubaidulina's 1994 piece, In Erwartung which translates to "in anticipation" (Google Translate disclaimer attached). There's an abstract, mystical vibe to her music and this odd aural fluidity I just adore. Her use of rhythm is incredible as well. I am no expert (I'm sure there's a classical music boffin with a patronzing smile on their face and I wholly accept your pity, "art music" is too brilliant in its entirety for me to know nothing about), but it doesn't feel particularly... constricted, is the best word I can think of, whereas a few composers subconsciously take me back to that fateful day my piano teacher brought a metronome to one of my lessons.

Needless to say, it never resurfaced again. Those things are just distracting, how do people keep up with them? For that entire hour, I basically expended all my mental capacity anticipating the beats or using the "Mississipi" placeholder between each beat, so my keystrokes were always a little off.

According to a YouTube comment (I'm like Wikipedia with my sources today, I do apologize), the piece was performed with Sigurd Raschèr's Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, which he founded with his daughter (the lead soprano), Carina Raschèr; and Stockholm's Kroumata-Ensemblen. Carina was accompanied by Harry K. White (alto), Bruce Weinberger (tenor) and Kenneth Coon (baritone).

I've no idea who they are but I shall quickly be getting somewhat acquainted this week.

What are your thoughts? Do we love it, or do we love it?

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