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Highlights: October 2014

I like my ho-cho* black... it doesn't sound as cool, does it?

Whilst sipping this much-needed mug of hot cocoa, I noted a few highlights from last month you will definitely find of no use to you. But that's why I'm here: to be a purposeless source of mild entertainment...

You're welcome.

Watched: Gotham. After weeks and weeks without access to cable and only fleeting gazes at the EPL games in the local pubs, I finally managed to catch the first episode of this show at a 'girls night in' thing I went to at one of the peeps' place one Friday (yeah... I don't know how I ended up at one of those either but thank you for inviting me, M; you guys are such babes!). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical before I watched it, but like Arrow, DC proved me wrong again! I'd never heard of Fish Mooney before, but I'm not well-versed in comic - she is a friggin' bad-ass though! DC really do thrive on television more than they have been on film (whenever Christopher 'the bae' Nolan isn't involved, that is). I've also missed seeing Ryan Ben McKenzie; I never did get around to Southland.

Read: Mechanical Vibrations by SS Rao... hey, it's not all kitten heels and cashmere over here.

Ate: a lot of Metcalfe's topcorn. Quelle surprise.

Loved: Laplace transforms. I hated them last year, but this year, bring it on!

Visited: Liverpool twice; it really is a marvellous city! I'm working on something artsy there which is really exciting!

Missed: roasted plantain and fish (i.e. "boli"). If you've never bought boli off the side of a busy, dusty road in Nigeria from a woman who looks like she has questionable hygiene practices, then you will never understand how I feel about not having done so for so long. I could try to make it myself, but boli isn't just a meal; it is an experience. You need to decide that boli is on your menu for the day from the onset, walk all the way to said woman's 'boli joint', make your order and watch her roast it while the intricately-woven aromas tease your nose relentlessly, have it served to you in a small black carrier bag lined with another carrier bag so the copious amount of red oil in the "I swear there's nothing but pepper in this stew" stew won't spill, carry said bag all the way back home so it cools down to that perfect temperature whilst still being piping hot on the inside - a fact you are sharply reminded of when you take that first greedy, careless bite as soon as you get home (locking the front door can wait) - and then proceed to devour each and every inch of it, savouring every bite and wishing you'd just forked over a bit more cash and gotten an extra plantain or some yam so the experience could last just that bit longer - God, I'm hungry now.

Regretted: missing out on the Hogwarts Sorting ceremony at my university. No, I'm not lying or being uncharacteristically metaphoric with my film references (ahem-ahem). There was actually a Sorting ceremony in the Student Union this month on the weekend I was in Manchester. I'm in Gryffindor on Pottermore, but I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to be in Slytherin; everyone I know can back me up on this. I missed the Yule Ball last year as well, so I'm hoping there's another one this year.

Excited about: Christmas. It's never too early... unless you're one of those people who likes to sing carols. In which case, it's always too early - always. Even on Christmas day, when you think it couldn't be a more perfect time to burst into song, it's too early. That is a fact and you better remember that, especially if you plan on being stood anywhere near me when you start. My slaps are even more reflexive these days, I cannot be held accountable for what happens to you.

*ho-cho /hoʊ-choʊ/ - the lazy man's portmanteau for 'hot chocolate'

Photo by me. See the disclaimer for the blog's image use policy.

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