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Inspiration: Sid Avery, 1918 - 2002

Portrait of Sid Avery | Ses Rêveries

Quite possibly my favourite photographer for many reasons, I thought we'd remember the legendary Sid Avery today.

It isn't his birthday or anything; I've just borrowed a DSLR for a few days and I'm feeling particularly excited about the potential for progress on my photography skills. Growth is good.

I've always adored the modesty and brilliant simplicity in Avery's approach to his role as 'immortalizer' of some of Hollywood's greatest moments - even the most casual of affairs, he made seem portentous. The candid nature and expressive use of movement in the majority of his work made his portrayal of celebrities in a light many often forget exists unforgettable to those who understand it.

I'm hoping to practice developing narratives with body language this weekend; I may post the results on here one day if they're not completely horrific, haha. Here's hoping I can actually stick this out though and one day start capturing some of life's everyday moments - and the beauty and exuberance that accompany them - with half as much artistry as he did.

Photo credit: Sid Avery / MPTV Images


  1. From the way you've presented your blog, I'd say you're super on the right track to telling a story and creating a mood :)

    Love Avery's work too though! Look forward to seeing more of your work! x

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Rachel! It does put the pressure on but it absolutely means the world to hear that, haha xx


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