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Life Lately: 44/52 (2014)

Photojournal #4 | Ses Rêveries

OK, I switched up the format this time. Don't freak, just go with it. OK? Please? Thank you.

The day-to-day thing was just starting to make my skin crawl - my mother loved all that Investigation Discovery crap, you see, so I'm constantly plagued by mild paranoia.


[1] It was surprisingly sunny today so I stopped in the middle of this path and took this shot just before someone crashed into me and nearly toppled over... yeah, he didn't think it was funny either.

[2] A quick shot of Liverpool Lime Street station from earlier in the week.

[3] I've found the perfect Singapore fried rice in Leeds. It's from a restaurant called Chopsticks and it is so good: spicy and moist but not clumpy, with flavoured, skinned chicken bites scattered in it. It's got a fair few prawns in it though. I hate throwing 'edibles' away but it was in the wee hours of the morning when no one was up to eat the vile little sea creatures for me.

All photos by me. See disclaimer for image use policy.

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