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Life Lately: 45/52 (2014)

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It's been a bad week - the worst, even. The absolute worst thing ever happened to me on Thursday...

My earphones were stolen.

I am most upset and very emotional still, especially considered I was still licking my wounds from the Batch's engagement announcement - feelings summarized in my text to Mo below.

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With the entire world steel reeling from that shock, you'd think this thieving pest would be more considerate! What kind of monster would do such a thing? What kind of evil creatures must have raised this person in order for them to commit such a cruel, cruel crime? I wouldn't even steal my arch nemesis' earphones. Did Lucifer birth this person himself? Is he or she the reincarnation of Lilith?

I am a nice person. I really am. I don't deserve this.

What am I supposed to do on the way to lectures now? How am I supposed to avoid awkward conversations? How am I suppose to commit to treating my life like a movie without an OST? What is the purpose of the Sound Cloud app on my phone? What is the purpose of life?

This is all just too much for me, I need another bowl of cereal.

Note to the future bae: if I've had more than two bowls of cereal in a day, you know things have gotten real.


[1] Before the Cumberbatch bomb and my earphones debacle, I was happily snapping away at trees and getting frustrated at the shots my earphones were getting in the way of because I still had them plugged in... If only I'd known those were going to be our last few hours together, I would have been much kinder. I would have let them know how important they were to me. I would have told them how much I loved them. I would not have bloody forgotten them in a computer cluster only to return after my lecture and find them gone!

[2] My depression aside, Saturday was an amazing day! I went all the way down to London for a little sum'n, sum'n at the BFI (aka my new home) which I will tell you all about soon... I'm not being deliberately cheeky, I've just spent the entire day catching up on sleep (I hate university - it simply does not understand I have a life now, I can't waiting on its beck and call everyday between sleeps anymore) when I should have been writing so everything is going to be very slow next week.

[3] I've changed quite a bit, haven't I? My cheeks are so much chubbier, I look like a completely different person! ... Don't look at me like that; yes, I should have told you I cut my hair but I did hint at it quite blatantly when it happened. But to be fair, you're the first people to find out after people who've actually seen me in person in the last couple of weeks. Instagram still doesn't know. Twitter doesn't know. Facebook doesn't know. My own father only found out last Sunday. Why am I only just getting round to publishing this now? I've basically been avoiding the phone call I'm about to get from Mother Dearest...

I'd like to be buried at Père Lachaise, please. Somewhere near Chopin, Molière, Piaf or Wilde; I'd like to have some really nice conversations in the ghost realm because Lord knows my spirit will not rest until the bastard who stole my earphones has been punished.

And if someone could get Cumberbatch to come and read an apologetic eulogy basically confessing his undying love for me and confirming that this thing he's got with what's-her-face (yes, I am that immature) will never come close to what we could have had, that'd be great.


My heart goes out to the Cumberbabes in this tough and trying time. You must resist the urge to threaten this new woman. She already knows not to get too comfortable. But bae does deserve to be "happy" in the intermediate period between now and when he eventually finds me, and that is all this is.

Patience, they say, is a virtue.

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