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LOST FILES #001 | Ses Rêveries

That adorable little duckie stole my heart as it paddled over - until it started eating algae off the concrete; what a turn-off.

Oh, the frailty of summer romances...

I found a few snapshots from the summer that I'd completely forgotten about so I thought I'd make Saturdays on the blog useful for a while and make yet another photography series... The photos aren't any good or anything like that. There are just that many, and I am just that bored.

These were shot in Manchester's New Islington Wharf on a Canon EOS 600D with what was probably a 50mm lens. I would tell you what the settings were, but my very professional technique is basically made up of fiddling with every button possible and then handing the camera back to the owner with a statement along the lines of, "Your stupid thing is broken, everything's coming out dark as hell. Like, it's sunny out - wtf?"

LOST FILES #001 | Ses Rêveries
LOST FILES #001 | Ses Rêveries

All photos by me. Please see the disclaimer for the blog's image use policy.

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