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On Wednesday, We Heard... JYJ

JYJ - Empty | Ses Rêveries

I'm just gonna leave this here... Don't judge me.

No seriously, because - and I'm not being funny or ironic or whatever - I was obsessed with these guys for a few good months after I watched them perform at the 2011 IAAF closing ceremony, something I am sure I've mentioned on the blog before.

This song was swiftly downloaded and put on repeat for ages. My homicidal tendencies were always on red alert on the bus to school back in Sixth Form - those kids in Years 7 and 8 were just loud, filthy, disgusting animals who would've served better purpose as roadkill than passengers, in my opinion* - so being serenaded via earphones by my South Korean baes, Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu who make up JYJ was exactly what I needed to keep from fulfilling my father's "prophecy" that I'd be the kid he ends up picking up from jail out of all of us #harsh.

Empty was the one track of theirs I just could not - and still can't - get enough of. It was my first real introduction to K-Pop so imagine all the feels you could possibly have for the entire genre now being congested into one song in a pre-Psy world. Pure bliss! And with all the hysteria about a lawsuit against them that I still don't fully understand myself - but you know how much I love me some drama - it was great!

Too-perfect hair, cheesy lyrics, synchronized dance moves, millions of die-hard fans... somehow, the South Koreans do the boy-band thing so much better than anyone else ever will - especially Boyz II Men who ruined my childhood with their endless crooning. My mother may have, but I still don't care that you're at the end of the road, guys - just go.

*I love kids, but these were undomesticated creatures of destruction. I am getting stress lines right now just thinking about them.

Photo source: My Comfort Zone blog

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