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#TBT: Cher - Bang Bang

#TBT: Bang Bang - Cher | Ses Rêveries

This week's #TBT was inspired by a hilariously short-lived argument about Cher and Nancy Sinatra.

It turns out not too many people are aware that Bang Bang was a product of the magical Sonny/Cher pairing, so I thought I'd do any of you guys who fall into that category a favour and prevent you from having a really awkward conversation about it somewhere down the line...

Sonny Bono wrote Bang Bang for then-wife Cher, who released it as a single off her album, the Sonny Side of Cher in 1966. This was followed by a number of covers by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Vanilla Fudge and - you guessed it - Nancy Sinatra, whose version came out a little later in '66. You have Quentin Tarantino to thank for the latter's popularity, really. It made that opening scene in Kill Bill Vol. 1.

But attempting to compare Cher and Sinatra's versions potentially borders on sexism, which could invite a whole load of agro from the "uber femmes" (i.e. those people who, with their well-meaning gender-equality intentions, often blur the line between feminism and despotism), so let's just not go there. I'm Switzerland on the issue anyway, as it really depends on what mood I'm in at the time.

Anyway, enough chit-chat. Let's time travel...

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